Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm back!

Hello Lovlies! I am so so sorry for the extra week hiatus that I took - by no means was it intentional. Got home from Mexico last week (will post about that tomorrow with pics and video, can't wait to share) and on my last day my bottom lip BLEW up!! I seriously felt like Taylor from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

In case you need a refresher on who Taylor is her infamous line was, "If you can't be my friend then please don't be my enemy." Yep that's her. And while I always have loved Kim K's fabulous lips by no means did I want mine to be blown up like Taylor's but they did. 

Thank god it happened on my last day which was travel back home so I told my husband that to tell everyone I got lip injections because I was so embarrassed. To be honest I thought that I did this to myself and it was sun poisoning and I didn't listen to anyone about protecting my skin or lips because duh I wanted to get super dark. Well if this was the product of sun poisoning then guess what I LEARNED MY LESSON! Please I'm sorry. 

The next morning after I got home I went straight to the Dr. because I needed to see what was going on with my lip- the Dr. I had because of course my Dr. wasn't in the office was an idiot because he was more concerned about my forehead peeling (um hello I was just in Mexico for a week and I laid out everyday idiot) and didn't see my blown up lips. Finally he noticed and said I had a staff infection. Wait what??? Yep, they think that my lips got chapped from the sun and because I went swimming in the ocean vs. the pool (um who wouldn't swim in the ocean vs. the pool- a pool is so accessible but not the ocean) and I got some random bacteria in chapped lips and boom that's where I am today. So two antibiotics - a oral 3x a day for 10 days and a cream 3x for 10 days later and I am finally on the home stretch! I couldn't even work out last week- KILLER!! 

The hubby has been great but trust me he has spared no expense at laughing at me whenever possible- for example: on our way home he goes, "Man going there you were fine coming home you're a one ticket of hot mess express." Yes thank you sweetie. Then because my lip hurt so bad I could only talk out of the left side of my mouth- so now he only talks to me out of his left side. Very funny. Haha. 

Here are some pics of my lip saga: 

Today it is almost keyword almost gone!! 

Thanks for being so patient and I can't wait to share about our vaca! 


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