Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I heart Neon Blazers

Unless you've been living in a hole this last season you know that no matter where you look that florescent is all over the place! Shirts, pants, shoes, blazers, everything! While I am a fan of neon colors from my work out clothes to a cute dress I nearly died when I saw these adorable neon blazers.
Okay let me back up a minute - - I follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram (Yes you can say it, obsessed) and she posted a pic of her & her mum on Easter in these adorable neon Blazers . . .

Um... HELLO can we say AMAZEBALLS??? So I've become obsessed with this look and have been trying to find some similar styles. Here is what I've come up with. . . 

Then on The Zoe Report from Rachel Zoe she also did a spread about Neon Blazers -- however all her sugguestions were price points starting at $200. As much as I'm loving this trend at the moment I couldn't justify spending that much on a glow in the dark neon yellow blazer I would probably only wear for one season. 

After looking all over the Internet I only came up with uber expensive neon blazers. I guess I may have to leave this trend to the stars. 

Have you found any neon blazers you're loving?? 


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