Monday, April 30, 2012

Manni Monday

Gosh I couldn't be happier that it's Monday! For those who work Monday-Friday I'm sure you are having a case of the Monday's however for those who don't work Monday-Friday (moi) I happen to have Tuesday & Thursday so I can't for my days off!!! 

However while scrolling through some nail polishes I came across and quite frankly I'm not quite sure on how I have missed this but none other than my celeb idol -- Kim Kardashian -- is now coming out with her own 8 piece nail polish line!! 

I'm totes DYING at the moment! While some of the colors I could do without (the blue) others I quite frankly can't wait to get my hands on. Here are a few that caught my eye . . . 

The colors are def all over the board however they are defiantly something that I'm going to check out. However I'm going to be honest I have most of these colors in some form in my already exploding collection of Essie nail polish but I've gotta support my girl Kim. 

And this week I chose one of my favorite go to colors : ChinChilly by Essie 


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