Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Workout Wednesday

So we all know I'm always on the hunt for the next best work out clothes and at this point my work out wardrobe is becoming more extensive than my regular wardrobe. Is that sad?? Oh well. So when a girl at Crossfit Glen Ellyn told me about these amaze ball pants well more like leggings that she lives in I was all over it. I love a good legging but a legging that is cute for the gym and for running errands afterwards? Score! I was a little nervous to go try them on because while she is petite I am not however I looked on the Nordstrom website to see what the sizes were and I was happy to see they offered quite a variety. So today on my break from work I ran to Nordstrom to go buy the pants- I wasn't in the mood to try them on so I just plucked my size from the table and swiped my card and went on my marry way. I was very excited to get home and try these bad boys on. OMG it was like heaven!!! So what am I talking about you ask... the brand is called Zella and they carry an assortment of work out gear. I specifically got the Live in Legging

Zella 'Live-In' Leggings

Here is a photo of what they look like on. I know it looks like just another black work out pant. No way! They are unbelievably comfy- they suck and tuck everything in so you don't feel like you're spilling 
out and yet you don't feel like you're constrained in them. So when I got home I ripped my pants off and couldn't get these on fast enough, literally I felt like I was melting like butter in these pants. I of course wore them to Crossfit today and let me tell ya I put them through a tough ass work out. I ran I did weights and they far exceeded my expectations. I ran a lot and I never felt like my legs were rubbing or they were 
to tight. I also saw my friend at the gym today and I literally ran up to her to tell her I bought the pants and guess what I want to live in them! 

Here is me trying to model the pants- I really just wanted to collapse on the floor because my legs & calves hurt so bad. 

I'm serious don't walk RUN to Nordstrom and try these on- they also have capri's which I will probably be getting on Thursday! Happy Workout Wednesday! 


  1. So cute! Can't wait to try these!

  2. Hey Deanne. Yes these pants are AMAZING!!! Like they say you can live in them & you can!!

  3. I have them in three colors...I'm not saying how many actual pairs I have, just that I have three colors. :)