Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vegas Vacation part tres

I couldn't believe that I let my husband talk me into going back to Vegas- and while it didn't take much convincing on his part, plus who is going to say no to Vegas?? Plus with the deal we got I would have been stupid to say no to him. So as we packed our bags (I would just like to say for the record that I actually packed less yes read that again less than my husband!!! In his defense what took up so much room for him was his shoes but not just any shoes his Jordan's. I swear he has become obsessed.) So we got to the airport nice and early and waited for our plane to take off and head to VIVA LAS VEGAS! We all know how I am about flying (no I'm not scared) but because I insist that we fly Southwest and because they don't have assigned seating- it can become very stressful to see who will become your seat buddy. Since I always insist on upgrading us to priority boarding (it's the control freak in me) it's like we become sitting ducks for the hoards of people boarding the plane. The hubby & I have a system down to try get no one to sit by us. I usually put one of my carry on's (a handbag usually) on the seat next to us and then we get out some reading material and act really serious about what we're reading. We have a 50/50 success rate at this point. I had a seat buddy however he was probably one of the best seat buddies I  have ever had- I even told him that. He didn't ask to get up (he was sitting in the window seat), he didn't require awkward and pointless conversation, and he shared the arm rest. However on this plane ride because I was spoiled with a good seat buddy I was left to notice how annoying my fellow passengers were that were in my vicinity. For example, there was this girl who I would say was around 28 and she was a talker as in she wouldn't shut up. She tried to seem like she was cool as her fellow seat buddy (whom I felt bad for) but there was no chance. Then as we are getting ready to take off I notice she takes out a stuffed animal- really!?!

I actually was prepared this flight and prior to leaving I rented two movies from iTunes, I rented:

It made my flight a breeze! And I would recommend both movies. 

We finally arrived in Vegas & dropped our bags off at out hotel and headed out on the strip. First stop was grabbing something to eat. We ate at Sugar Factory (yes often seen on The Kardashians but sad to report no sightings) and we had a yummy breakfast. 

Yummy Denver omelet with there version of hash browns and wheat toast 
The Bellagio- our view from our seat at Sugar Factory 
The Cosmo - our other view 

 After we got done eating I had to take a peek in the Sugar Factory Candy store. I left empty handed but everything did look mouth watering (good thing I ate before I went in here)

 While on this vacation I made a stance and decided I wouldn't work out nor deprive myself from some yummy food. Plus I figured with all the walking we would be doing I would maybe break even. However I came across (in our hotel none the less) the fabulous crepe place that kid you not I would go to if not everyday then every other. Just thinking about it now as I'm writing this is making my mouth water.

This was my Favorite crepe place (the one in our hotel) it was a plain crepe with strawberries & bananas drizzled with Nutella and whip cream. Can we say YUMMY!!! 

This crepe was from a different crepe shop- same goodies but instead of being on the outside of the crepe it's on the inside

Here is a photo collage of the rest of our trip:

 Paris Hotel

 The hubby & I for a quick photo opp  

 Chandelier in the Cosmo 

 The hubby needed some new sunglasses- I thought these looked good-- he thought otherwise  

 Trying on a fedora thinking he was being trendy and looking good- clearly I thought otherwise 

 He finally found some that he was digging

Our 1 year wedding anniversary- right before we went to dinner

The most amazing red velvet cupcakes from N9NE steak house- the whole meal was indescribably good and this is coming from a girl who isn't a big steak person

Us at the Playboy Club. What a cool experience. You get your own private elevator with a personal elevator man that takes you to the club, escorts you in to this super swanky club that is 53 stories high and over looks the strip. These adorable waitress that are dressed in playboy bunny gear.

Then before we knew it Friday came and it was time to go- we were very ready for Friday to come and our flight wasn't until 7pm but check out was noon. Clearly the hubby was ready to go home- getting some shut eye before we left

Our vacation was much needed- I can't believe that it's already been a year of marriage. I reconnected with the hubby and realized why I said, "I DO" a year ago- because he loves me more and more everyday as I love him more and more everyday. However our next vacation will involve a beach! 

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  1. So fun! Love the pictures, but now I'm hungry!