Monday, April 9, 2012

Manni Monday

Hi Guys! I hope everyone had a great Easter and for those who are Greek happy Palm Sunday. I had a great Easter- I spent it with my shrinking family however it was a joyous and yet sad day. It was my first holiday without my grandmother whom I was very very close with. It was also hard because she died about 3 weeks ago so it's still new. However surrounded by my family and good food is exactly what she would have wanted. 

Back to Manni Monday. So I was going to wait to get my nails done but I just couldn't take them any longer so I went after work to this nail salon near my work. Now the last place I've been going to for my nails I wasn't all that impressed with because she wasn't the best at polishing my nails and she just didn't get them quite as square. So a client was in my store and her nails were perfection I mean like literally the best nails I've seen. The best part was that she got them done right by my work! She told me who she went to and so after I got off work on Saturday I went to that nail salon and to that nail tech and was ready to get my nails done! 

A few days ago I decided to get a new nail polish or see what was out there because I was kind of getting bored of my current nail colors I have. I wasn't really seeing anything out of the new Essie Resort collection and then I saw this amazing color!!! 

It's called ole caliente

Such a fun color for Spring because it wasn't quite Red but not quite   Pink. Here is how  it looked on my nails

Love?? I sure do! Plus with a good tan these nails will POP! And check out my nails check out how square they are! They are perfect! I found my new nail guy!

And now for my Giveaway Winner. . . . . Chris Chubbette Adventures she won the nail color Fiji by Essie. Congrats!!! Please do a link up on your winnings. 

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