Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Workout Wednesday

My favorite time of the week!!! Anything that has to do with fitness or working out I'm all about. However this week I'm changing it up a bit because I'm putting the fitness aside for this post and talking about a new "lifestyle" change I'm embarking on. So my favorite gym Crossfit Glen Ellyn and the fabulous trainers put a challenge out there for us. Now I love a good challenge so when I heard it I was all up for it then when I realized what I signed up for I realized, 'Wow I may have bit off more than I could chew'.
The Challenge: Go 100% Paleo for 30 days- document all your meals and have weekly weigh in's and continue with the Crossfit Work-outs.

The challenge started May 1st, so about a week before the impending date I ordered two books from Amazon to better educate myself on this Paleo diet. While the trainers at the gym follow Paleo and many people at the gym and Crossfitters do Paleo - they weren't going to be making my meals and doing my grocery shopping so I needed to educate myself. This is what I ordered from Amazon.

The Paleo Solution

Southern Style Cooking Paleo Style

So all weekend I had my last meals -

Lou Malnati's Pizza 

Jimmy John's



I savored every last bite of those meals.

You might be asking what the hell can you eat on this Paleo diet- well it's simple enough, meat, veggies, & fruit. However if you want to loose weight you need to control your fruit intake. Basically nothing processed and when you're grocery shopping you shop the perimeter of the store. Sounds easy enough right??

Well after stalking my order from Amazon and it arriving 1 day early (love love love Amazon) I couldn't wait to rip open the box and start this Paleo diet. However after looking at all the great pictures of the food that I could make

I noticed one thing rather quickly- some of these recipes aren't going to be so easy to make. It called for things like Almond Butter, Coconut Flour, Cumin, Coconut Oil, while some of these ingredients may be a second nature to some this was a foreign language to me! 

Clearly these are ingredients that I don't shop for on a regular basis and let's be honest here we all know how I am in the kitchen (a failure) so now mixing in these unfamiliar ingredients was a real recipe for disaster.

So I enlisted some help from my mother (yes even as a married woman I enlist her help quite a bit especially when it comes to the kitchen and household things) to help me go grocery shopping (because quite frankly I was totally overwhelmed with what to buy and not buy) and then put together a few meals for the week. So we got to work hard in the kitchen and let me tell ya this was easier than I thought. Now let me back track, many people who do Paleo say it's easy if you plan your meals out for the week and I learned that is going to be KEY to success for this. 

So check out a few meals that I've made thus far: 

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs cooked in olive oil with grilled onion, green pepper, & red pepper, topped with so black pepper

Pork Patties (kind of like a sausage patty) perfect to go with my morning eggs. They also have a nice kick to them

Dinner: Roasted chicken with grilled asparagus cooked in olive oil wrapped in prosciutto- this was YUMMY!!!! 

I also got some incredibly yummy desserts that this local woman makes (she makes all Paleo meals and delivers! Doesn't get better than that) I've been using her desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

If you live in the area check out her link, very good food and reasonably priced.

So here is to my challenge, I will keep you guys updated! 


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