Monday, January 23, 2012

Vacation Bucket List

So on Sunday I officially started my 10 staycation! Because I work in retail and work for a great company I am given 6 days of comp time because of all the crazy hours we put in during the holiday season, so those 6 comp days plus my days off and a holiday for MLK = 10 days of freedom! I was going to plan a trip down to Austin to visit my best friend 

but my grandma isn't doing the very best so I decided to stay close to home- however I am LONG LONG overdue to a trip to Austin. To maximize my 10 days off I decided to make a bucket list so I could stay organized and not let my days slip by me. Here is what I have so far . . . 

I already accomplished one thing off my list and that was having a Coffee day with Chris (did that yesterday! Check!) and tomorrow I am re-organizing my closets and drawers- get ready for that post. Wednesday I made my appt to get my tires rotated (I know so exciting). Plus I'm trying to get two work outs in a day-- yes a little obsessed I know I know.So seeing as though it has only been my second day of staycation I would say I'm on a good role. I would also like to finish my current read- I'm 56% complete so it's looking hopeful :) 

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  1. Can you potentially add another coffee date with me? I'm not sure one is enough... Maybe next time we can try to avoid the make up counters!