Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

As most of you probably know I don't normally do things on my weekends because first off I work retail so most the time I'm working and secondly I'm perfectly content staying home chillin with the hubs or reading a good book. However this weekend I actually had some plans! A friend from the gym (aka my second home) was organizing a girls night and had invited me. I was so pumped I kinda felt like I was going on a date. Lame?? So if anyone lives in the Midwest we all know that we were suppose to get hit with a snow storm on Friday. I thought to myself, 'Of course the one night I have plans to do something the weather won't corporate.' Plus I could really use a drink seeing as though the only thing that was keeping me from my vacation was one day left of work. I texted my friend on Friday and had asked if we were still on seeing as though the snow storm was coming. Her response: "No snow is keeping me from staying in tonight." That is my kind of response! So since I was heading out for a girls night I felt like I needed something fresh and new so I stopped at my favorite store (The Gap) to see what they had for Spring. While I wasn't WOWed by anything I did find this cute cardigan. 

I thought it would be adorable with some cute black leggings an a plain white tank top underneath. I figured I'd buy it and see if I was in the mood to wear it later plus I had a 30% off so I couldn't resist. 
 I ended up leaving work 30 min. early to try and get a head start on getting home. Now mind you it took me 20 minutes just to get onto the expressway and then when I got on this is what I was welcomed too.... 

Jealous I know

I mean we live in Chicago and it's the middle of January why am I so surprised??  So an hour and a half  later going no faster than 5 mph on the expressway this was still my view ...

Mind you this is my half way point- looks like a good hour until I get home

I just kept telling myself that I was in no hurry and I had plenty of time until girl's night. Plus I had a well at this point a half a cup of coffee a fully charged cell phone and my ear buds to talk so I was all good. Which by the way THANK GOD for the ear buds for my iPhone because it made the drive totally doable because I was still able to talk away and be hands free :) 
Finally 2 1/2 hours later I finally arrived home! Now just to give you an idea of how long it takes me to commute to work on a normal day- 20 minutes.. tops! Now I had to get ready for a fun night out- thankfully we were meeting up in my downtown area so it was a great middle point for everyone. 
After some appetizers and several glasses of red sangria later I was feeling good! I also had the most amazing sleep ever! It was very hard to get out of bed the next morning. 

I made it through my last day of work and then at 6:00 pm I offically got to say I'm on VACATION!!! Woo hoo! I went home snuggled in bed with the hubby and watched movies until we both fell asleep. Couldn't have asked for a better way to start my vacation. 

On Sunday morning Chris and I had a coffee date at none other but the mall. I just can't seem to get away. But it was good that we met up there because I ended up ordering this amazing handbag- well it's really a men's bag (you can't tell the difference) but it is the perfect size and crossbody! I have an obsession with crossbodies lately. 

Love Love Love! 
I cannot wait to get this delivered to me! It will fit everything that I carry on a daily basis. Plus my boss has it in black and it's adorable on her so I had to jump on the bandwagon on this one. Once I ordered my bag we met up at Starbucks and nice little chit chat over some hot warm coffee.

We then got our shopping on! I found a steal at J. Crew- I got a adorable rubber leopard iPad 2 case for $13! It was orginally $40! I couldn't pass it up. Then I was able to find this new Essie nail polish that I had been looking for. . . 

set in stones

I'm really into the trend of painting my ring finger nail with a pop of glitter. Chris had an amazing day and found some adorable shirts.
Here is a little photo montage of her options. . .
A cute top that she got for only $6!

A really pretty necklace that she ended up not getting because it $150- plus she has the exact same thing in black

Oh this fabulous outfit?? This was her shopping outfit she came in- adorable!

Overall I couldn't have asked for a better weekend and a first day of my vacation! 

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  1. Oh goodness... I can't believe you posted all these pictures of me! By the way... I'm not sure it's a good idea we go to Sephora together anymore... too dangerous! Love you friend!