Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Well this is my last weekend of my staycation and I wanted to do something fun for the hubby and I. We had planned on going down to the city and getting a hotel but he ended up working on Saturday so that put a dent in our plans. I'll be honest I was totally bummed (okay bummed is an under statement I was pissed because I knew what the outcome would be) because I knew with my husband working on Saturday that he would be dead tired the rest of the day because he got up so early. However I would try and make the most of it, when he got home we went out to lunch to this local resturant in our town and was the food yummy!

Started off with our favorite- calamari. It was delicious! There was so much to choose from but we decided to stick with appetizers for our meal- keep it fun and light. Next we decided to order this Tater tot Explosion. Yes it sounds deadly and good and loaded with calories (thank god I worked out everyday this week and most days doing double work outs).

Is your mouth watering yet?? Needless to say we barely put a dent into it because it was extremely filling.

In the evening we went out to dinner and then was suppose to go see a friends band play but the hubby was tired so we called it a night very early on.

I also have been having this bug up my butt to finish our house- let me rephrase- our house is finished but I want to do some major redecorating and construction. About a year & a half ago we redid our master bedroom which I thought after that project we may never get married (we were engaged at the time). It's hard because my husband is very handy and well I just have a opinion about anything so we both thought we were right, in the end I got my way. What I hate about redecorating is that well I want to start in one place and I guess logically speaking it makes sense to start in another- as my husband likes to point out which is probably what I get for having a husband who has a construction background. So our first plan of attack is redoing our upstairs bathroom and I mean gutting it- new toilet, bathtub, sink, counter top, flooring, painting, & light fixture. That's a lot to swallow! That's the starting point to get to the room which I really want to redo which is our hallway- I have all these great ideas for it!

So off the Home Depot we went so my husband could see exactly what I had up my sleeve and how much money I was planning on spending oh and not to mention how much work I was making for him. Surprisingly we didn't end up in a fight this time (normally we do because I just want something that looks pretty not even looking at the cost or how to install it that's his job not mine). Now going to Home Depot is not fun for me- so looking at toilets and bathtubs gets old real fast however I needed to stay focused because this was something I was going to have to live with. So here is what I found at Home Depot. . .

Here is a option for a bathtub

The middle toilet is the one I'm loving- never thought I would say this about a toilet. The top of the toilet bowl thing looks like it has crown molding- a nice and different touch

I was feeling very accomplished with what I've picked out and surprisingly hubby was liking or at least in agreence with what I was picking out. We then started looking at tile and stone for the shower and then I had this really cool idea to do this one little half wall a different color than the paint color of the rest of the bathroom. Let me rephrase that not color but a fun tile- so I found exactly what I was looking for and we had agreed on a stone for the shower! Take a look at one of our options. 

This is the glass tile that I want- I would put it on our half wall to add a little POP in the bathroom

This is the stone that I want for our shower and then incorporate the glass tile above- love how this looks!

So with a few things in place and some options on the table we just need to pick out a few more things and we are ready to lock & load!! Trust me there will be many many posts about construction and the fights and options this bathroom will bring. 

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