Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Post Idea

So we all know how I have this obsession with nail polish and more nail polish it's no secret. So when I was out with Chris we were talking about the nail polish trends and different brands that we love (personally I love Essie) she gave me this great idea. I love nail polish and I'm always getting my nails done and I am a bit OCD on how my nails look (I swear my nail people are saints but I tip well) that I should do a post about what my current color is and the style. Genius! Why didn't I think of this??? 

So here goes my first post . . .

So right now I've been seeing the trend where people either have their ring finger nail painted a different color than the rest or have a top coat of glitter. While the different color isn't an option for me (stupid dress code rules) I can get away with the glitter top coat and I have to say I love. Here are some pics of what I mean . . .

Adorable right?? You can have so much fun with this too. So I decided that I wanted to try this out so I decided to use one of my current fav colors by Essie called ChinChilly

Then for my ring finger the top coat being Disco Ball also by Essie 

Here was the outcome . . . 

What do you think?? I personally love. This may be a trend that I will be sporting for awhile. Do you have a favorite nail polish combo??

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