Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hi my name is Jessie and I'm an addict. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. Now define problem. Do I let it occupy my free time? Yes. Do I partake when in a social setting? Yes. This isn't looking so good. Okay maybe I do have a slight obsession with my reality shows & everything celebrity & pop culture. Does this make me a bad person? A danger to myself & others?? That answer is NO. We all have our outlets and I just happen to have many one being reality T.V. Which has lead me add another page on my blog which I will summarize and leave my two cents about the episode. Now let me begin by saying I had no idea what to call this page. I wanted something catchy and all that kept popping in my head was Reality Show Round-up. And Ellen uses that phrase and I like Ellen so I didn't want to copycat. So I pondered & pondered. Finally I solicited my husbands advice which was truly my last lifeline because I want this therapy I mean blog to be 100% me. But I was at a loss. He should have never offered one suggestion because then he was roped in. So we bounced ideas back and forth when FINALLY at 11:30 pm as we were laying in bed with collaborative efforts & the threat of no sleep until this great mystery was solved we came up with Reality Dish! Thoughts?? I loved it. I think hubby was relieved because he could finally get some shut eye considering he had to be up at 4:30 am.
So now that I have a title for this new page watch out because it will be coming soon! By coming soon I really mean in the next 24 hours. Haha.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Book Worm

I can't even remember the first time I realized I loved reading. I always remember having a book with me at all times no matter where I went- yes a little odd I know but maybe it was a security thing not to sure. However I can recall grocery shopping with my mother and I'd be reading as we were walking the aisles (this would heavily annoy her because I was clearly NOT paying attention to where I was walking... I'm pretty sure I broke a few things from bumping into them on accident.. " clean up in aisle 10!"). I would read such classics as The Babysitters Club, The Narnia Series, Goosebumps, and then Fear Street.

Okay so maybe the word classic isn't exactly the right word but to me these books were what defined my childhood. No worries I have moved on to other true classics. One of my favorite books of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird. I named my two dogs after the two main characters Scout & Attics.
  I love to read all kinds of books from girlie books to the serious and thought provoking books. One of my favorite episodes of Oprah's last season was when she interviewed James Frey again and talked to him about life after that epic episode where she stoned him as he James Frey put it. I can remember the exact moment I picked up A Million Little Pieces- something about those words on the pages captivated me from the first page. I know there was a lot of controversy around the authenticity of what he wrote but at the end of the day it was a moving novel and changed the literacy world forever. He followed up with a sequel called My Friend Leonard which left me sobbing on my dorm room bed.
  Since those books I've read many more books that have made me laugh and cry. I have decided since books are so much a part of me I would share what I'm currently reading and I would hope you would share some of your favorites. Since the days of crying on my bed in my dorm room I've gotten with the times and bought a Amazon Kindle which let me tell you even though Oprah put her big O seal of approval on this (and normally I am ALL over anything with the O-pproval) but the Kindle I was so on the fence. I couldn't imagine not going to the book store and getting lost in the aisles of books and smelling that new book smell. Okay that sounds weird. So I went on a limb and bought the Kindle and honestly couldn't have asked for a better device to be invented. 
  So I hope you enjoy my current read and if you have a good read please post a comment and share! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's all about.... YOU

Who doesn't  love when it's all about them right? I thought it was all about me at a recent shopping trip to one of my favorite department stores with Chubbette. Let me back up by saying it took Chubbette & I literally over a month to get a day to spend together because even though we work for the same company it is in retail and we have crazy schedules so it's hard to coordinate. So we were so excited to spend the afternoon of shopping, gossiping, and catching up on everything reality T.V. The company we work for is a higher-end retailer that prides themselves on customer service and both Chubbette and I pride ourselves in providing fabulous service to all our clients even the ones that just know how to get under our skin. Those customers are the ones that as soon as they leave we run into the back to call one another to vent on "that" customer. 
 Anyways... Chubbette had a return to make on a pair of shoes because she found cheaper at another retailer but just for the heck of it she wanted to see if the shoes were on sale any further. To her shock they were now practically free. So she asked if this one time they would accommodate her price adjustment and of course the person helping us couldn't make a simple decision she had to "get the manager" you always know what that means. So this guy comes strolling over in a suit looking dapper but didn't have the personality to match. So at this point I now want the same shoes because they are so cheap and perfect for work. So he completes the transaction but doesn't accommodate the price adjustment so Chubbette asks very politely if he could do so. He with this cocky attitude recited his policy which needless to say was not to our advantage and he wouldn't complete the price adjustment. So I thought I'll get around this and simply say I'll buy those shoes because they are my size (NOT! 3 sizes to small) however he even denies me! Chubbette & I just look at each other in awe, is this really happening?? She immediately jumps on her iPhone and calls the next closest department store. Now I don't know what is more disturbing the fact that he has denied both of us purchase and or price adjustment or the fact that Chubbette practically has this store on speed dial. The way this guy was acting I felt like I was in a SNL skit. Now before you say well he was just doing his job and if that he was only following policy. NO! From a woman who works retail- policy is truly only in place the 1% of people who abuse the policy. Trust me I make exceptions to policies all the time because I get it and truly most people aren't trying to scam you. So Mr. Dapper wasn't budging and Chubbette and I decided we were going to be classy woman that we are, instead of getting all ghetto on his ass. However instead of marching out of the building we marched straight upstairs to go complain. The best part is this entire time Chubbette is still on the phone with the other location trying to locate the shoes she just returned but they refused to sell back to her. 
  We finally made it upstairs and proceeded to complain to the store manager but very calmly and just sharing our frustration more than anything. At the end of it all she let Chubbette buy back the shoes and in the end Mr. Dapper looked like the fool. The best part was as we were venting to the store manager the back drop of the customer service desk stated the store's motto was It's all about ... YOU! However today it wasn't about Chubbette & I. We shared many laughs about this should have been SNL skit and enjoyed a lovely day of shopping. Which mind you I got fabulous Kate Spade earrings, J.Crew necklace, and some adorable pieces from the Gap. Chubbette also got some must-haves from J. Crew. 

Facebook Ruins a Generation

Remember the days before Facebook? I know crazy to even imagine- what the hell would we waste our time on?? I mean Facebook stalking is a common pass time for so many people (yes I'm totally guilty of this... but isn't the first step of addiction is admitting you have a problem?). I may be dating myself here but I can remember the days when there was no poking, tagging, and status updates. I've come to the shocking conclusion that while I am just as much Facebook obsessed as anyone else it has ruined the one thing that I had been looking forward to my almost entire school career. 
   My best friend and I would spend countless hours talking about the years that we had yet to encounter and the what if's and could be's. Always wondering who would get fat and who could marry the then jock now beer bellied loser. We always talked about no matter what life had in store for us we would always come back together for the long awaited High School Reunion. However now that Facebook is as vital as almost the air we breathe it has taken away the one moment I long awaited- the shock & awe effect of how my classmates aged. I know it sounds a little evil but please like we all haven't wondered this? Now we can watch the progression of someone getting fat or dating a loser. Now when that day comes for the Class Reunion it won't have the same shock & awe effect as it once would have had. Now my best friend and I will just be like, "Eh we saw that on Facebook". 
  While I'm not quite ready to give up my Facebook time it still brings a little disappointment to the once world of the unknown.