Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's all about.... YOU

Who doesn't  love when it's all about them right? I thought it was all about me at a recent shopping trip to one of my favorite department stores with Chubbette. Let me back up by saying it took Chubbette & I literally over a month to get a day to spend together because even though we work for the same company it is in retail and we have crazy schedules so it's hard to coordinate. So we were so excited to spend the afternoon of shopping, gossiping, and catching up on everything reality T.V. The company we work for is a higher-end retailer that prides themselves on customer service and both Chubbette and I pride ourselves in providing fabulous service to all our clients even the ones that just know how to get under our skin. Those customers are the ones that as soon as they leave we run into the back to call one another to vent on "that" customer. 
 Anyways... Chubbette had a return to make on a pair of shoes because she found cheaper at another retailer but just for the heck of it she wanted to see if the shoes were on sale any further. To her shock they were now practically free. So she asked if this one time they would accommodate her price adjustment and of course the person helping us couldn't make a simple decision she had to "get the manager" you always know what that means. So this guy comes strolling over in a suit looking dapper but didn't have the personality to match. So at this point I now want the same shoes because they are so cheap and perfect for work. So he completes the transaction but doesn't accommodate the price adjustment so Chubbette asks very politely if he could do so. He with this cocky attitude recited his policy which needless to say was not to our advantage and he wouldn't complete the price adjustment. So I thought I'll get around this and simply say I'll buy those shoes because they are my size (NOT! 3 sizes to small) however he even denies me! Chubbette & I just look at each other in awe, is this really happening?? She immediately jumps on her iPhone and calls the next closest department store. Now I don't know what is more disturbing the fact that he has denied both of us purchase and or price adjustment or the fact that Chubbette practically has this store on speed dial. The way this guy was acting I felt like I was in a SNL skit. Now before you say well he was just doing his job and if that he was only following policy. NO! From a woman who works retail- policy is truly only in place the 1% of people who abuse the policy. Trust me I make exceptions to policies all the time because I get it and truly most people aren't trying to scam you. So Mr. Dapper wasn't budging and Chubbette and I decided we were going to be classy woman that we are, instead of getting all ghetto on his ass. However instead of marching out of the building we marched straight upstairs to go complain. The best part is this entire time Chubbette is still on the phone with the other location trying to locate the shoes she just returned but they refused to sell back to her. 
  We finally made it upstairs and proceeded to complain to the store manager but very calmly and just sharing our frustration more than anything. At the end of it all she let Chubbette buy back the shoes and in the end Mr. Dapper looked like the fool. The best part was as we were venting to the store manager the back drop of the customer service desk stated the store's motto was It's all about ... YOU! However today it wasn't about Chubbette & I. We shared many laughs about this should have been SNL skit and enjoyed a lovely day of shopping. Which mind you I got fabulous Kate Spade earrings, J.Crew necklace, and some adorable pieces from the Gap. Chubbette also got some must-haves from J. Crew. 

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  1. I'm going back to parade my shoes to Mr. Dapper... what a major D-bag! If would have been nicer about it I would have been fine with the rejection.