Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kiss? High Five? Hug?

As we know I love all things Bravo and have recently been hooked on Most Eligible Dallas (the critics haven't been the kindest to this show) which follows 6 single wealthy friends that live in Dallas. One of the girls names is Courtney Kerr who I just adore- from her style to her funny one liners. I see a lot of myself in her and I think that is why I like her not to mention her clothing is AMAZING and she has the best hair. I had really liked one necklace she wore in a recent episode so I tried to see who it was by when I stumbled across this website that lists everything she has wore -- AMAZING! I'm always up for copying someone else style.
  However in a recent episode she was talking about dating and how it is so awkward and just uncomfortable and it made me think and reiterate what I've always said about dating... it SUCKS! 
Take a look at the clip...

First Date  watch up to 30 sec.

I just couldn't put it any better than she did- it brought me back to the days of when I was in the dating scene. Which I would like to say I would never wish dating on my worst enemy because it is just so much work. I mean the whole getting to know you stage is exciting don't get me wrong but I like a level of comfort and that doesn't happen in the dating world until at least 6 months - a year of dating someone. So since I've been out of the dating scene for 4 years so I got to thinking of some of my dating blunders.

- This one guy who I will remain nameless we had met because my friend was friend's with his friend. We had met at a bar (which to be fair I wasn't of age to be in a bar or even to drink but whose counting??) so in his defense one would assume if I was in a bar and drinking one would think I would be at least over 21. And not trying to fluff my own feathers but I do act older than my actual age and I do look a little bit older because of how I carry myself and in my defense he did look younger. Anyways I think you get where I'm getting at with this one. So after a couple of weekends of running into each other because of our friends he finally decided to ask me out on a date. I was excited and so we went out for a great dinner and after dinner in which he must have been having a good time because he asked me if I wanted to grab drinks at a local bar. My first reaction was 'Crap how am I going to get in the bar?' so I asked him,
"Do you know someone?"
His reply, "Um... know someone?"
Me: "Yeah to get me in the bar?"
Him: "Why did you forget your ID"
Me: "Well no I have it."
Him: "Well then what is the problem?"
 -- Now at this point I'm clued in to the fact that he has no clue on how old I am --
Me: "Um... how old do you think I am- I mean I know you're not suppose to ever ask a woman her age but let's cut to the chase here because I think there is a little disconnect here."
Him: "Um... (he's trying to process this all) I thought you were at least 23-25."
Me: "Yeah well great thought but I'm actually 19" (Now there was also a joke on me because I thought he was younger than his actual age)
Him: "Oh.... well in that case how old do you think I am?"
Me: "Like 28"
Him: "Yeah I'm actually **"  -- I won't list the age for confidentiality but let's say he was over 30 but not over the hill of 40.
So the outcome of this one was we did date on and off for awhile but didn't work out in the end & no age had nothing to do with it.

So what are some of your dating blunders?? 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear Anonymous

So it took me a couple days to gather my thoughts on this matter and I feel like I've collected my thoughts and I'm ready to do none other but post about it. I recently had posted a post about my Obsession Continues and I talked about how I've become obsessed with Essie Nail Polish and their new fall collection was to die for. I thought it was a fun post and one I enjoyed writing and I hoped that my followers and anyone who read my blog liked it as well. The next morning I was excited (as I do every time) when I got an e-mail stating I had a comment on my blog. I have my blog settings setup so that I don't need to approve a comment before it goes live (and that still won't change) so I just get an e-mail when someone posts. Now 95% of the time the person who comments on my blog is Chris (who happens to be one of my best friends) and I'm okay with it being just her mostly commenting on my blog because I don't write my blog for popularity but instead what interests me or situations or things in my life that happens that I find funny or choose to poke fun of. So when I opened up my e-mail I have to be honest I was left in shock with the comment in which I was reading. The comment stated the following: 

Anonymous said...

You have got to be the most materialistic person I've ever read about. Good luck with your are one high-maintenance broad.

Chris said...

It's so easy for people to make negative comments when they're anonymous! If you don't like this blog don't read it dumb*ss and don't be a coward and say mean things about someone you don't know and not reveal who you are. Blogs provide a portion of someone's life... A mere glimps. Bloggers talk about things they like but these things and their posts don't completely define who they are.

Dear Anonymous person who left a hurtful and mean comment,

You are a douche bag. Good luck with your life cause clearly you don't have one. You are one of the most cowardice commenters I've ever seen.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obsession Continues

One of my obsessions that just hasn't subsided yet is my Essie nail polish love and since Fall is approaching they have released a new collection! Their new collection called Carry On is a great selection of khaki's, pinks, and plumb. Of course I had to go check out this collection in person- I went to my nearest Ulta and they were almost sold out! I was able to snag Glamour Purse which online looks much more taupe but in person it is more almond which I love even more. I couldn't leave with just one nail polish so I decided to see what else they had. I had always commented on my friends Chris nail polish color called East Hampton and they had it so I decided to pick that up too. I thought even though it's after Labor Day I would try and get away with this soft opal white. I have to say I've gotten nothing but compliments on this color! From customers to co-workers. 
Here is a picture of both colors, to the right is Glamour Purse and to the left is East Hampton

However even though my one store was nearly sold out of the new Essie collection I am still on the hunt for the color Lady Like. 

This should be a great fall season for nail polish colors! What are your favorite colors for the Fall season?? 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Virtual Closet

Any girl who grew up in the 90's can remember the classic movie Clueless I mean who could forget when saying the words Whatever & Totally sounding like a complete valley girl was thought to be cool. And lets not forget the classic feather pen- I have to admit I had one. But what I think every girl drooled over in that movie was the amazing virtual closet that Cher had I mean it was like a girls paradise to be able to have a computer match up your outfits. Crazy!!! I put a little clip below on what I'm talking about and a little trip down memory lane of a classic movie. You will get the idea of the virtual closet 9 seconds in and you only have to watch it until 27 seconds in. 

Even after watching it I still want my own virtual closet because with all the clothes I have I just seem to go back to those dozen favorite things and mix match those outfits. Well I happen to stumble across this AMAZING app called Magic Closet+ on the app store for Apple. It is free to download and is the closets thing to a virtual closet that I've seen. I have it on my iPad so I'm not sure what other devices you could use it on. The only thing is you need a device with a camera so you can take pictures of your clothing in the app. 
So I decided to try out this app to see if it was everything that I thought it could be and let me tell ya it didn't disappoint. The only thing I have to say it is time consuming at first because you have to take pictures of all your clothing items. This is a great project for a rainy day or anyone who lives in the Midwest a cold winter day. I did a little snapshot of what the app looks like so you can see for yourself. 

This is what it looks like when you open the app

After you select Take a Picture of My Closet it will give you the options of what pieces of clothing you want to take a picture of

Once you select the item you want to take a picture of you want to try and fit the garment in the outline- it can be tricky but you can retake the pics as many times as you want. 

Once you've gotten some items in different categories you can then slide left or right to see your options and then put an outfit together

Okay so is it as snazzy as Cher's from but hey after all these years I would say this is a great start. 
Maybe now I'll be creating some outfits outside my dozen pieces that I normally gravitate towards. Happy outfit planning!!! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Over Labor Day weekend (yes I know it was awhile ago) my husband & I went to a local flea market that they hold the first weekend of every month. I would like to start off by saying my husband has been trying to get me to go to this thing for months now and I would always say to him, 'I'm not spending my one weekend off a month looking at other peoples junk." Well this particular time he was able to convince me to go (maybe because I had 3 days off in a row so if it was a bust I wouldn't feel like I wasted an entire day off). So as we meandered around I quickly realized that this was a treasure chest! It probably didn't help that I had watched Design by Novogratz's before coming to the flea market too. I wasn't even sure where to begin. We walked around for hours looking at different things and while some of it was junk others weren't. So in the end I got this really cool lawn ornament thing that is a dragon fly and then I got a great scarf for the fall and a necklace. Check it out!
It is paisley print on one side and polka dots on the other. It has gotten chilly here already and I have worn it and already got compliments on it! Love Love Love! Will def become one of my fall favs.

Great necklace- It has a black chain, silver, & white. Perfect for work or a night out.

  I also took a pic (don't mind the no make up look) with the scarf on because I thought the picture didn't show the great colors. 

So next time my husband wants to drag me to a flea market I don't think I'll be to quick to turn him down because I def. found some great treasures. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Gaga for Missoni

Yes by now I'm sure everyone has heard how crazy people went about the Missoni collection at Target and it sold out in record breaking time. However the funny thing about this is most people had been obsessing over what they wanted and had a plan on what Target they were going to and so on and so forth but not me...nope well that is until my best friend Chris got involved. Let me back it up a bit. On Monday night Chris and I were Facetiming (could possibly be the best addition to the new iPad) and she was all about the Missoni launch at Target while I had no real desire to get up at the ass crack of dawn to wait in line like cattle waiting to be slaughtered. Okay so maybe that was a little dramatic but I'm just saying. So Chris was very excited and had her wish list of her most wants. So the next morning I had a meeting at 9 am and figured I'd stop into the Target by my work and see what they had and if there was anything I couldn't live without. Well my laid back attitude towards this was quickly interrupted when Chris called me at 8:40 in mass panic that she got to Target at 8:20 and they were nearly sold out of everything and she didn't even get everything she wanted. So I ran to the Target by my work and to my shock they were stripped of everything! Now she has created this mass panic in me that I now needed to try and get my hands on something Missoni I mean it was now a mission to me and I had to win. So I raced home and to my horror the website was down because of all the people who also wanted to get their hands on Missoni. After an hour and a half and have a team of people helping I was finally able to check out but the one thing I had my heart set on
Yes I know ADORABLE!

 were now sold out! Ugh. But I was able to snag the following.... 

Silk Shorts

I was excited that I was even to just place an order. When I purchased the items I wasn't even sure if I was going to keep them- haha. So the items were suppose to ship next week but I just got an e-mail saying now it's going to be 2 weeks! Ugh kinda annoyed.
So one of my best friends Chris truly went Gaga for Missoni not to mention she also went online and bought even more! I joked with her that her place was going to be like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with all the funky colors and stripes. Haha.
Well we weren't the only ones who went Gaga for Missoni- check on what celebs also love a good deal.

Bethenny Frankel
Kyle Richards

So now I sit and wait for my delivery..... 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seasons Change & then you get sick... Ugh

So after a fabulous vaca to Vegas & having a 3 day weekend (this is unheard of in the retail industry especially over a holiday weekend-- I still need to blog about my weekend...stay tuned) in the middle of the week I started to feel sick. Ugh. Now I don't think anyone likes getting sick and normally I can fight it off & stick it out. However I felt like whatever was coming on was going to kick my butt and it did. I ended up taking a half day at work and calling out one day (anyone who has worked with me knows that I don't exhaust my sick days because I hate calling in sick. Plus unlike office jobs where you can shut the door, turn off the lights, and put a out of office message on your e-mail in retail it doesn't work that way.) The worst part of being sick was the hubs was sick too! He had slightly different symptoms than I did so I secluded myself into the guest bedroom- which I love how I ended up moving and he got the plush bedroom with the T.V. & amenities but I did have my beloved iPad to keep my company which only was used when I decided to wake up out of my hibernation. The worst part of all in being sick was that since my hubby was also sick he couldn't dote on me which I have to say my hubby is the best caretaker when I'm sick. Going to the store for me to get my favorite celebrity gossip magazines, going on Starbucks runs for apple cider or tea. My hubby got over his sickness a little quicker than I did as mine just lingered ugh but finally broke over Saturday & Sunday. Have to love those colds.
  However during my Welcome to Fall cold I realized what truly drives me crazy. So I was trying to make a Dr's appt. because I didn't know if I had a cold or it was an onset of something worse so I am already not feeling well and just a little crabby (who isn't crabby when they're sick??) so as I called my Dr office and hit 5 different options to just get to the scheduling dept. then when I finally reach a human (shocking yes) then it's 20 questions. I just want appt. They want to know what's wrong with you and then you tell them and then they probe a little further. So here is a snip of what my conversation sounded like:

Me: Hi, I'd like to see if Dr. Smith has any availability today?
Scheduling Dept: Name & DOB?
Me: Jessie Ingoglia or actually it may be under my maiden name so it would be Welch
Scheduling Dept: Oh you got married?
Me: Yes
Scheduling Dept: That's nice. So what is wrong with you?
Me: Well I am congested and I feel like I'm running a slight fever and I'm afraid that it will carry down to my throat and turn into strep
Scheduling Dept: So your throat hurts?
Me: Well no, but I don't want it to start and turn into strep
Scheduling Dept: So your throat doesn't hurt?
Me: Correct- not now
Scheduling Dept: hmm... okay and your other symptoms please
Me: Well I feel congested and achy as well as running a slight fever and again this may be a cold but I just don't want it to turn into strep
Scheduling Dept: But your throat doesn't hurt yet
Me: Yes we've determined this already
Scheduling Dept: Okay well it looks like her last appt was taken about 5 minutes ago so you would have to schedule an appt with after hours care let me transfer you.

So in reality if the scheduling person stopped playing Dr I would have gotten to seen my regular Dr. vs having to be in a waiting pen for after hours care. Ugh. I guess the thing that gets me is you're already not feeling well and then to be asked 50 questions is just frustrating. In the end it was just a cold and I laid in bed for a full day and a half and rested. Just what the Dr ordered. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ringing in 25

Over the last couple months I had been stressing out (okay stressing out is an understatement) about turning 25 and quite honestly turning 25 and reaching my quarter life crisis was one of the reasons I started blogging. So in honor of my 25th Birthday my husband & I decided to hit Vegas again and let loose. The funny thing is by letting loose to us that means eating at great restaurants and laying poolside which is pretty much the complete honest of what Vegas represents. And lets just be honest how awkward is it for a couple to go to a club with just themselves I mean we aren't into those weird role play things where you pretend not to know each other and you pick each other up. Now if I went to Vegas with my girlfriends you better believe I would be backing my thang up to the early morning let me tell ya. But until I hit Vegas with my girls I enjoyed the time I had with the hubs.
  So back to our trip- so we had a very early flight on Thursday morning and arrived in Vegas in the late afternoon. This time we decided to stay at Treasure Island- what was nice about this hotel was that it was pretty much dead center of the strip so this time we didn't have to waste so much time walking...and walking....and walking. It's so funny because you think everything is so close because everything is so BIG in Vegas so what looks like a hop skip & a jump in reality is like a mile walk. So check-in wasn't until 11am and we had gotten in Vegas at 10am so of course my hubs was so excited to hit The Forum shops because his sole mission on this trip was to get his pair of Jordan shoes. However we couldn't just go to one store to scope out the shoes we had to hit a couple stores. He finally decided on a pair and was so excited and I was happy to make him happy. When we got back to the hotel to check-in he shuffled me in line to wait to check-in while he wandered the casino. Typical men. So I felt like the line was not moving and I have to be honest I was getting anxiety that by the time I arrived to check-in they were going to tell me they ran out of rooms or we were going to be stuck with a crappy room. So finally I was up to check in- I got a super nice employee and was able to sweet talk her a bit and she upgraded our room and gave us strip view, a free bottle of champagne, & on the top floor! My hubs never would have scored that.
The Strip

The Pool-- it was a bit small I have to admit 

Another view from our room

The bedroom quarters of our room
The Strip @ night

We spent the day just checking things out and taking it easy. Everyone had warned me it was going to be hot and yes the numbers don't lie it was 115 and 120 degrees but it's a dry heat. Screw that people! Heat is heat- yes it is much better than a Chicago summer with 75% humidity. However 120 degrees is still hot. So we had a great lunch at Serendipity which is right outside of Cesar's Palace. They have great comfort food however everything is super-sized portions. A lot to eat especially on a hot summer day. My great hubby made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants in Vegas called Lavo.
@ Lavo  
Quick pic after dinner 
Compliments of Lavo- yummy!!

Over the next 4 days the hubs & I just enjoyed each other's company and had no agenda (well with the exception of seeing Carrot Top again). I couldn't have thought of any better way to bring in 25 and I have realized that I am in such a good place, emotionally, professionally, relationship wise. I can't wait to see what the next 25 years bring! 

Quick pic in the elevator

Us hanging out @ the pool

The Forum Shoppes

Cesar's Palace 

 2 Story Waterfall in the Wynn hotel


Green Eyes- from the TruTV shop Vegas Strip

The Chief on the show Vegas Strip 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Must have in every wardrobe

I know a lot of bloggers and most of the highly successful bloggers and fashion and style bloggers however I'm just not a fashionable person therefore I normally don't write about my style because if I'm not in my penguin outfit then I'm in work-out clothes. However there are a few pieces that I feel define my style weather I'm at work or running errands and one of those pieces is my gold boyfriend Coach watch. I've always been a fan of this watch and bought it last summer and ever since then have been wearing it almost daily. Purchasing this watch was out of my comfort zone because 1. It was gold- I normally didn't wear gold 2. I had worn my Michelle watch w/diamonds daily and loved this watch.

 However the moment I started wearing this watch I've received so many compliments on it and people actually thought it was a much more expensive watch than it actually was. I was so excited when I was reading US Magazine and had seen a layout for Style Staples and saw my watch! 


Honestly this watch is a perfect substitute for the more expensive gold watches on the market today and that we celebs with. Like I said I've received comments every time I wear it. 

What the Coach Boyfriend looks like on

A close up
So would you call this a stunning steal?? Well for a mere $348 I would say YES because compared to the Cartier tank watch or many of the other gold watches celebs wear this is pocket change. Plus something that is classic and will last seasons to come. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Make sure seats & tray tables are in there full upright position

So as many of you know my husband & I recently took a trip to Las Vegas for my 25th Birthday (I'm officially 25 and yet I couldn't feel happier and content with my life) and I have an airline in which I prefer to fly because I find them friendly & they don't charge you to check your luggage. I know crazy concept who would have thought the airlines would have become so money hungry. However with this airline you don't have assigned seating so you have to check in 24 hours prior to your departure unless you pay $10 for priority check in. Now the whole no assigned seating is nerve racking for me because I'm not a person who can not have a concrete idea as to where I'm sitting. Plus I really prefer the aisle seat because I'm slightly claustrophobia and by me sitting in the aisle seat I feel if something happens I'll be able to escape or when we lane and everyone is trying to get off the flight I want to be able to get out and not wait for the idiots in from of me to decide when they should start to exit- just saying. So this time I decided to ease my worry and pay the $10 for my husband & I for the priority seating and it automatically checks you in 36 hours prior to your departure. This was ideal because all I had to do was the night before was print our boarding passes and DONE! We were in the A group- thank god! So we would have our choice of premium seating.
   On the way to Vegas we got ourselves settled yet somehow my husband tricked me into the middle seat (bastard). As I was sitting in my seat getting myself organized with my iPad & iPod and getting my drinks & snacks all in order I see the cattle of people descending down the aisle and the fear and anxiety starts to set in. I am stricken with this panic because I would love to have an extra seat for the hubs & I and who knows what crazy will want to sit next to me! Then it is so awkward because you feel as though you have to have this pointless and odd small talk with this stranger that you will never see again or care what they have to say. While I'm thinking all of this I quickly hit my husband who is so wrapped up in his PSP thing he is oblivious to how critical these next moments are. I instruct him that he has to not make eye contact with anyone coming down the aisle, don't smile, & look like you're really busy and don't have time to get up. I think I've mastered the grand plan when SHOOT! Someone locked eyes on us and that coveted seat that lies empty next to me. Reluctantly we got up to let them sit in the window seat. Since we were defeated this time I thought perfect time for a photo opp!
Then on the way home I made sure to survey our terminal to see who in the event I had to sit next to someone who it would be. So once again my husband and I were in the A group so we got great seats again. Thank goodness and this time we had a more thought out plan on how we would keep this seat empty- we loaded our stuff on it so it looked like someone already had this seat. Then the cattle started coming down the aisles- then I thought gosh this is like speed dating because once you make eye contact or a slight smile to someone BOOM it means you're okay with awkward conversation. While we were in the terminal I noticed a baby and we all know I'm not fond of children under the age of 5 and this child couldn't have been more than 6 months old. So as I saw them coming down the aisle I got panicked because they saw that coveted empty seat next to me and in that moment I started to sweat and I leaned over to my husband and told him if they even thought about sitting next to me I was going to tell them that I had the swine flu and I forgot my mask. My husband said I was mean.. mean no but I was just looking out for our well being and enjoyment for the next 3 1/2 hours. Thankfully the babes and his mother found another seat and let me tell ya that kid was wailing for more than half of the flight but thankfully they were in the back of the plane so I just turned my iPod on a little louder and it drowned out the sound perfectly. My husband also thanked me maybe those words didn't exactly come out of his mouth but I know he did. All and all we got an extra seat and that flight was very relaxing.