Friday, September 16, 2011

Gaga for Missoni

Yes by now I'm sure everyone has heard how crazy people went about the Missoni collection at Target and it sold out in record breaking time. However the funny thing about this is most people had been obsessing over what they wanted and had a plan on what Target they were going to and so on and so forth but not me...nope well that is until my best friend Chris got involved. Let me back it up a bit. On Monday night Chris and I were Facetiming (could possibly be the best addition to the new iPad) and she was all about the Missoni launch at Target while I had no real desire to get up at the ass crack of dawn to wait in line like cattle waiting to be slaughtered. Okay so maybe that was a little dramatic but I'm just saying. So Chris was very excited and had her wish list of her most wants. So the next morning I had a meeting at 9 am and figured I'd stop into the Target by my work and see what they had and if there was anything I couldn't live without. Well my laid back attitude towards this was quickly interrupted when Chris called me at 8:40 in mass panic that she got to Target at 8:20 and they were nearly sold out of everything and she didn't even get everything she wanted. So I ran to the Target by my work and to my shock they were stripped of everything! Now she has created this mass panic in me that I now needed to try and get my hands on something Missoni I mean it was now a mission to me and I had to win. So I raced home and to my horror the website was down because of all the people who also wanted to get their hands on Missoni. After an hour and a half and have a team of people helping I was finally able to check out but the one thing I had my heart set on
Yes I know ADORABLE!

 were now sold out! Ugh. But I was able to snag the following.... 

Silk Shorts

I was excited that I was even to just place an order. When I purchased the items I wasn't even sure if I was going to keep them- haha. So the items were suppose to ship next week but I just got an e-mail saying now it's going to be 2 weeks! Ugh kinda annoyed.
So one of my best friends Chris truly went Gaga for Missoni not to mention she also went online and bought even more! I joked with her that her place was going to be like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with all the funky colors and stripes. Haha.
Well we weren't the only ones who went Gaga for Missoni- check on what celebs also love a good deal.

Bethenny Frankel
Kyle Richards

So now I sit and wait for my delivery..... 

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