Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kiss? High Five? Hug?

As we know I love all things Bravo and have recently been hooked on Most Eligible Dallas (the critics haven't been the kindest to this show) which follows 6 single wealthy friends that live in Dallas. One of the girls names is Courtney Kerr who I just adore- from her style to her funny one liners. I see a lot of myself in her and I think that is why I like her not to mention her clothing is AMAZING and she has the best hair. I had really liked one necklace she wore in a recent episode so I tried to see who it was by when I stumbled across this website that lists everything she has wore -- AMAZING! I'm always up for copying someone else style.
  However in a recent episode she was talking about dating and how it is so awkward and just uncomfortable and it made me think and reiterate what I've always said about dating... it SUCKS! 
Take a look at the clip...

First Date  watch up to 30 sec.

I just couldn't put it any better than she did- it brought me back to the days of when I was in the dating scene. Which I would like to say I would never wish dating on my worst enemy because it is just so much work. I mean the whole getting to know you stage is exciting don't get me wrong but I like a level of comfort and that doesn't happen in the dating world until at least 6 months - a year of dating someone. So since I've been out of the dating scene for 4 years so I got to thinking of some of my dating blunders.

- This one guy who I will remain nameless we had met because my friend was friend's with his friend. We had met at a bar (which to be fair I wasn't of age to be in a bar or even to drink but whose counting??) so in his defense one would assume if I was in a bar and drinking one would think I would be at least over 21. And not trying to fluff my own feathers but I do act older than my actual age and I do look a little bit older because of how I carry myself and in my defense he did look younger. Anyways I think you get where I'm getting at with this one. So after a couple of weekends of running into each other because of our friends he finally decided to ask me out on a date. I was excited and so we went out for a great dinner and after dinner in which he must have been having a good time because he asked me if I wanted to grab drinks at a local bar. My first reaction was 'Crap how am I going to get in the bar?' so I asked him,
"Do you know someone?"
His reply, "Um... know someone?"
Me: "Yeah to get me in the bar?"
Him: "Why did you forget your ID"
Me: "Well no I have it."
Him: "Well then what is the problem?"
 -- Now at this point I'm clued in to the fact that he has no clue on how old I am --
Me: "Um... how old do you think I am- I mean I know you're not suppose to ever ask a woman her age but let's cut to the chase here because I think there is a little disconnect here."
Him: "Um... (he's trying to process this all) I thought you were at least 23-25."
Me: "Yeah well great thought but I'm actually 19" (Now there was also a joke on me because I thought he was younger than his actual age)
Him: "Oh.... well in that case how old do you think I am?"
Me: "Like 28"
Him: "Yeah I'm actually **"  -- I won't list the age for confidentiality but let's say he was over 30 but not over the hill of 40.
So the outcome of this one was we did date on and off for awhile but didn't work out in the end & no age had nothing to do with it.

So what are some of your dating blunders?? 

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  1. LOL!! I'm sitting here watching the show right now!!! LOVE it!! And I love Courtney's style too! I'm loving your blog!! :)