Monday, September 5, 2011

Must have in every wardrobe

I know a lot of bloggers and most of the highly successful bloggers and fashion and style bloggers however I'm just not a fashionable person therefore I normally don't write about my style because if I'm not in my penguin outfit then I'm in work-out clothes. However there are a few pieces that I feel define my style weather I'm at work or running errands and one of those pieces is my gold boyfriend Coach watch. I've always been a fan of this watch and bought it last summer and ever since then have been wearing it almost daily. Purchasing this watch was out of my comfort zone because 1. It was gold- I normally didn't wear gold 2. I had worn my Michelle watch w/diamonds daily and loved this watch.

 However the moment I started wearing this watch I've received so many compliments on it and people actually thought it was a much more expensive watch than it actually was. I was so excited when I was reading US Magazine and had seen a layout for Style Staples and saw my watch! 


Honestly this watch is a perfect substitute for the more expensive gold watches on the market today and that we celebs with. Like I said I've received comments every time I wear it. 

What the Coach Boyfriend looks like on

A close up
So would you call this a stunning steal?? Well for a mere $348 I would say YES because compared to the Cartier tank watch or many of the other gold watches celebs wear this is pocket change. Plus something that is classic and will last seasons to come. 

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