Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seasons Change & then you get sick... Ugh

So after a fabulous vaca to Vegas & having a 3 day weekend (this is unheard of in the retail industry especially over a holiday weekend-- I still need to blog about my weekend...stay tuned) in the middle of the week I started to feel sick. Ugh. Now I don't think anyone likes getting sick and normally I can fight it off & stick it out. However I felt like whatever was coming on was going to kick my butt and it did. I ended up taking a half day at work and calling out one day (anyone who has worked with me knows that I don't exhaust my sick days because I hate calling in sick. Plus unlike office jobs where you can shut the door, turn off the lights, and put a out of office message on your e-mail in retail it doesn't work that way.) The worst part of being sick was the hubs was sick too! He had slightly different symptoms than I did so I secluded myself into the guest bedroom- which I love how I ended up moving and he got the plush bedroom with the T.V. & amenities but I did have my beloved iPad to keep my company which only was used when I decided to wake up out of my hibernation. The worst part of all in being sick was that since my hubby was also sick he couldn't dote on me which I have to say my hubby is the best caretaker when I'm sick. Going to the store for me to get my favorite celebrity gossip magazines, going on Starbucks runs for apple cider or tea. My hubby got over his sickness a little quicker than I did as mine just lingered ugh but finally broke over Saturday & Sunday. Have to love those colds.
  However during my Welcome to Fall cold I realized what truly drives me crazy. So I was trying to make a Dr's appt. because I didn't know if I had a cold or it was an onset of something worse so I am already not feeling well and just a little crabby (who isn't crabby when they're sick??) so as I called my Dr office and hit 5 different options to just get to the scheduling dept. then when I finally reach a human (shocking yes) then it's 20 questions. I just want appt. They want to know what's wrong with you and then you tell them and then they probe a little further. So here is a snip of what my conversation sounded like:

Me: Hi, I'd like to see if Dr. Smith has any availability today?
Scheduling Dept: Name & DOB?
Me: Jessie Ingoglia or actually it may be under my maiden name so it would be Welch
Scheduling Dept: Oh you got married?
Me: Yes
Scheduling Dept: That's nice. So what is wrong with you?
Me: Well I am congested and I feel like I'm running a slight fever and I'm afraid that it will carry down to my throat and turn into strep
Scheduling Dept: So your throat hurts?
Me: Well no, but I don't want it to start and turn into strep
Scheduling Dept: So your throat doesn't hurt?
Me: Correct- not now
Scheduling Dept: hmm... okay and your other symptoms please
Me: Well I feel congested and achy as well as running a slight fever and again this may be a cold but I just don't want it to turn into strep
Scheduling Dept: But your throat doesn't hurt yet
Me: Yes we've determined this already
Scheduling Dept: Okay well it looks like her last appt was taken about 5 minutes ago so you would have to schedule an appt with after hours care let me transfer you.

So in reality if the scheduling person stopped playing Dr I would have gotten to seen my regular Dr. vs having to be in a waiting pen for after hours care. Ugh. I guess the thing that gets me is you're already not feeling well and then to be asked 50 questions is just frustrating. In the end it was just a cold and I laid in bed for a full day and a half and rested. Just what the Dr ordered. 

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