Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ringing in 25

Over the last couple months I had been stressing out (okay stressing out is an understatement) about turning 25 and quite honestly turning 25 and reaching my quarter life crisis was one of the reasons I started blogging. So in honor of my 25th Birthday my husband & I decided to hit Vegas again and let loose. The funny thing is by letting loose to us that means eating at great restaurants and laying poolside which is pretty much the complete honest of what Vegas represents. And lets just be honest how awkward is it for a couple to go to a club with just themselves I mean we aren't into those weird role play things where you pretend not to know each other and you pick each other up. Now if I went to Vegas with my girlfriends you better believe I would be backing my thang up to the early morning let me tell ya. But until I hit Vegas with my girls I enjoyed the time I had with the hubs.
  So back to our trip- so we had a very early flight on Thursday morning and arrived in Vegas in the late afternoon. This time we decided to stay at Treasure Island- what was nice about this hotel was that it was pretty much dead center of the strip so this time we didn't have to waste so much time walking...and walking....and walking. It's so funny because you think everything is so close because everything is so BIG in Vegas so what looks like a hop skip & a jump in reality is like a mile walk. So check-in wasn't until 11am and we had gotten in Vegas at 10am so of course my hubs was so excited to hit The Forum shops because his sole mission on this trip was to get his pair of Jordan shoes. However we couldn't just go to one store to scope out the shoes we had to hit a couple stores. He finally decided on a pair and was so excited and I was happy to make him happy. When we got back to the hotel to check-in he shuffled me in line to wait to check-in while he wandered the casino. Typical men. So I felt like the line was not moving and I have to be honest I was getting anxiety that by the time I arrived to check-in they were going to tell me they ran out of rooms or we were going to be stuck with a crappy room. So finally I was up to check in- I got a super nice employee and was able to sweet talk her a bit and she upgraded our room and gave us strip view, a free bottle of champagne, & on the top floor! My hubs never would have scored that.
The Strip

The Pool-- it was a bit small I have to admit 

Another view from our room

The bedroom quarters of our room
The Strip @ night

We spent the day just checking things out and taking it easy. Everyone had warned me it was going to be hot and yes the numbers don't lie it was 115 and 120 degrees but it's a dry heat. Screw that people! Heat is heat- yes it is much better than a Chicago summer with 75% humidity. However 120 degrees is still hot. So we had a great lunch at Serendipity which is right outside of Cesar's Palace. They have great comfort food however everything is super-sized portions. A lot to eat especially on a hot summer day. My great hubby made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants in Vegas called Lavo.
@ Lavo  
Quick pic after dinner 
Compliments of Lavo- yummy!!

Over the next 4 days the hubs & I just enjoyed each other's company and had no agenda (well with the exception of seeing Carrot Top again). I couldn't have thought of any better way to bring in 25 and I have realized that I am in such a good place, emotionally, professionally, relationship wise. I can't wait to see what the next 25 years bring! 

Quick pic in the elevator

Us hanging out @ the pool

The Forum Shoppes

Cesar's Palace 

 2 Story Waterfall in the Wynn hotel


Green Eyes- from the TruTV shop Vegas Strip

The Chief on the show Vegas Strip 

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  1. Finally pictures! I love that Mark is wearing a Chicago shirt in Vegas! I also love that he got on FaceTime while you guys were out there to show me his new Jordan's!