Friday, September 2, 2011

Make sure seats & tray tables are in there full upright position

So as many of you know my husband & I recently took a trip to Las Vegas for my 25th Birthday (I'm officially 25 and yet I couldn't feel happier and content with my life) and I have an airline in which I prefer to fly because I find them friendly & they don't charge you to check your luggage. I know crazy concept who would have thought the airlines would have become so money hungry. However with this airline you don't have assigned seating so you have to check in 24 hours prior to your departure unless you pay $10 for priority check in. Now the whole no assigned seating is nerve racking for me because I'm not a person who can not have a concrete idea as to where I'm sitting. Plus I really prefer the aisle seat because I'm slightly claustrophobia and by me sitting in the aisle seat I feel if something happens I'll be able to escape or when we lane and everyone is trying to get off the flight I want to be able to get out and not wait for the idiots in from of me to decide when they should start to exit- just saying. So this time I decided to ease my worry and pay the $10 for my husband & I for the priority seating and it automatically checks you in 36 hours prior to your departure. This was ideal because all I had to do was the night before was print our boarding passes and DONE! We were in the A group- thank god! So we would have our choice of premium seating.
   On the way to Vegas we got ourselves settled yet somehow my husband tricked me into the middle seat (bastard). As I was sitting in my seat getting myself organized with my iPad & iPod and getting my drinks & snacks all in order I see the cattle of people descending down the aisle and the fear and anxiety starts to set in. I am stricken with this panic because I would love to have an extra seat for the hubs & I and who knows what crazy will want to sit next to me! Then it is so awkward because you feel as though you have to have this pointless and odd small talk with this stranger that you will never see again or care what they have to say. While I'm thinking all of this I quickly hit my husband who is so wrapped up in his PSP thing he is oblivious to how critical these next moments are. I instruct him that he has to not make eye contact with anyone coming down the aisle, don't smile, & look like you're really busy and don't have time to get up. I think I've mastered the grand plan when SHOOT! Someone locked eyes on us and that coveted seat that lies empty next to me. Reluctantly we got up to let them sit in the window seat. Since we were defeated this time I thought perfect time for a photo opp!
Then on the way home I made sure to survey our terminal to see who in the event I had to sit next to someone who it would be. So once again my husband and I were in the A group so we got great seats again. Thank goodness and this time we had a more thought out plan on how we would keep this seat empty- we loaded our stuff on it so it looked like someone already had this seat. Then the cattle started coming down the aisles- then I thought gosh this is like speed dating because once you make eye contact or a slight smile to someone BOOM it means you're okay with awkward conversation. While we were in the terminal I noticed a baby and we all know I'm not fond of children under the age of 5 and this child couldn't have been more than 6 months old. So as I saw them coming down the aisle I got panicked because they saw that coveted empty seat next to me and in that moment I started to sweat and I leaned over to my husband and told him if they even thought about sitting next to me I was going to tell them that I had the swine flu and I forgot my mask. My husband said I was mean.. mean no but I was just looking out for our well being and enjoyment for the next 3 1/2 hours. Thankfully the babes and his mother found another seat and let me tell ya that kid was wailing for more than half of the flight but thankfully they were in the back of the plane so I just turned my iPod on a little louder and it drowned out the sound perfectly. My husband also thanked me maybe those words didn't exactly come out of his mouth but I know he did. All and all we got an extra seat and that flight was very relaxing. 

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