Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Holy Grail

It would be safe to say that I would sell my soul to the devil himself to get me a Birkin bag. I mean hello this bag is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!! Not to mention every celebrity known to man who is a celebrity is carrying the Birkin right now. I think we have to credit Vicortia Beckham & Kimora Lee Simmons for really putting these fabulous trophies on the map not mention they both own over 20 which is valued at between $200,000-- $1 mil. Dying. But now stars like Kim Kardashian, Khole, Kim, & Chris all have them, Nicole Richie, Guliana Ranic, Hillary Duff, the list could go on & on. If you have no clue what I'm talking about I've included some photos of celebs with their coveted Birkin's in case you've been living under a rock for the past year. 

I'm not the only one to notice this fad in Hollywood either because I picked up two of my favorite celebrity gossip magazines this week and they both had articles about the Birkin craze in Hollywood. 

  While I'm not pulling in seven figures.....yet (wishful thinking) I will only be able to dream of holding a Birkin on my arm one day. Maybe it could make a good push gift?? Or how about skip the kid and put that money into a handbag? I like that idea! 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gym 101

I have a very healthy obsession with working-out and because I don't really do much during my free time my schedule pretty much revolves around my working out schedule. Obsessed... maybe but at least I'm burning the calories instead of ingesting them. Since becoming highly active I hate to admit it but I kind of have become one of "those" gym snobs where if you take to long on a machine I get pissy, or people are goofing off and wasting my time because I am waiting for the machine they are sensually using. My biggest pet peeve is when I am bike riding on the trails and people decide to take up the whole width of the path then you have to scream (okay maybe not scream but I scream) that you're passing on the left. Of course they are giving you the evil eye because they had to move over. I take this boot camp class on Monday's & Friday's at my gym I attend and the class starts at 9:15 however if you're not there by 8:30 or 8:40 you mind as well do another work-out because you're not getting into this class. I compare getting ready for this class as if you're trying to time a fabulous Black Friday deal but instead it's to get a coveted spot in the class with the weights you need. We have now formed alliances with other members so if they get their first they set you up and vice versa. It's all fair in love & war. The kicker is when you set-up your station and you go get a pre-work out in on the treadmill or whatever and some new person thinks that just spots are set-up for them so as you come into the class you see someone is hovering over your spot- wrong that is my spot. 
  Anyways, I came across this article about the 11 Common Faux Pas Gym Mistakes and I thought maybe if enough people knew the proper etiquette we could all enjoy our work outs. 

1. Leaving Sweat on Equipment 
     Gross! By now every gym has enough access to towels, wipes, and cleaners to wipe down the equipment- just take an extra minute and clean off your nasty sweat stains. 

2. Resting too Long
    I'm not a body builder so I don't really exhaust this one to much but I could see where this could get frustrating. 

3. Using your Phone
   I would like to start out by saying we've all done it once or twice and secondly I kinda have to take my hat off to someone who is not only skilled enough to keep up a pace on the treadmill and still have enough breath to carry on a full blown conversation but also that you're also able to multi-task in that way. 

4. Eating or Drinking on the Gym Floor
   I have never seen someone eating on the gym floor however what cracks me up is the people mainly women who carry their Starbucks drinks onto the equipment. I love my Starbucks but please how is that helping you??

5. Hogging a Machine
  There is always that person who has camped out on a machine for hours on end and you can tell because they now have a lake around them with all the sweat they've produced while hogging that machine. I think that's their method of keeping people away because who would want a machine that is now drenched in sweat? Not me.

6. Leaves Weights Out
  I do lift weights and it is annoying when it becomes a scavenger hunt to find the mate of the 25 lb weight. 

7. Hovering
  I hate when people stalk you for your machine. 

8. Interrupting a Class
   You have to love the person that comes in late and then is trying to squeeze through to set-up when in reality there is no room and then is shuffling around trying to find equipment. Ever hear the saying, "Early bird catches the worm?" You missed it try again! 

9. Misusing the Locker Room
  I try and avoid the locker room as much as I can. My gym has a nice locker room but everything about it creeps me out- reminds me of my Freshman days in my college dorm room and we had community style bathrooms. Nothing friendly about it. But what I don't understand is how people can have full blown conversations with someone either naked or merely a barely there towel on. 

10. Leaving your Bag Out
  Never have done this- my gym bag is designer (I know roll your eyes) so my bag would be the first to get swiped and I'm not taking those chances.

11. Not Reporting Issues
  I've never had to do this- shocking 

Hopefully we can all share these useful tips and make the gym experience more user friendly. If you want to read more on these 11 tips click here

A Girl's Best Friend

A girl's best friend could be many things. . . chocolate, coffee, working-out, a pet, but I'm talking about nail polish. What girl doesn't love getting her nails done and picking a sassy color to match her mood for the day or event? Plus who can't love the hilarious names of nail polish. I would love to have that job. From Sugar Daddy to I'm not really a Waitress. You've got to love it. If I could come up with a nail Polish Line it would be called First for example, First Date, First Kiss, First Time, etc. Love? Okay maybe it's a work in progress. I am always getting my nails done I even wrote a blog about it and my break-up from my nail salon (it was a rough time). But we've moved onto a new salon and we are all good. So since I wear black & white everyday and I have to have a very classic look while in the work place I am limited to expressing myself via my nail polish- but nothing to crazy (dress-code rules). So I am always on the hunt for a good color and always asking clients what color they are wearing. I always make it a point to check out the name of my current color so I can share it if someone asks because honestly it's the worst when someone doesn't know the name. Annoying. I actually got one of my favorite combos from a client- she said she uses two coats of Essie sugar daddy & two coats of Essie ballet slippers. Loves it!! The nail techs don't always love doing it because drying time is like 15-20 minutes because of the 4 coats.
  I was off today and had a little bug up my butt to go check out some new Essie colors at the store. I have always been a big OPI fan but Essie just has some iconic natural colors that I adore. Plus their new Summer line is amazing with the greys & khaki's & glowing pinks. I recently had gotten my nails done and selected the color Merino Cool which is also by Essie and I LOVED. Plus got tons of compliments on it. Recently it was featured in Lucky! So today I bought 3 new colors: Angel Food, Topless & Barefoot, & Fruit Sangria. I am so excited and can't wait to hit the nail salon next week to test out these new colors. I also got an amazing deal at Ulta-- if you purchased two you got one free -- Loves it! 
  I have also been on the hunt for the best natural looking nail polish color because I always feel as I'm flipping through the latest gossip magazine the celebs always have the best natural looking nail polish. However on my hunt today I think I may have found my new fav natural color (Angel Food). 

Check out my colors I bought today.. 

Left: Topless& Barefoot, Angel Food, Fruit Sangria

                                                                          All my favorite Natual Color's by Essie 

All my Essie Colors 
So what are your favorite nail polish colors?? 

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So anyone who follows Chris you will have seen she ordered this amazing necklace from Etsy which is a replica of a necklace Taylor from Rachel Zoe always wore. 
Adorable! I've always liked this necklace but thought it would be uber expensive so never sought it out. So one day when Chris & I met for coffee she showed me the Etsy website which I'm now obssessed with and that she found the sideways cross necklace. Well needless to say Chris couldn't wait another second and ordered it right then and there. I however waited and once she got hers I had to get mine! So I ordered it stat. Of course mine took longer to get because I swear they sent it from the moon but no worries it finally arrived! 

The cute note & box
How cute! 

How it was packaged

Necklace on- close up

Me wearing the fab new necklace- excuse the sports bra

I have been wearing the necklace everyday since I got it and have gotten nothing but compliments on it.

Loves it! 


Veni, Vidi, Vici

When I heard these words they truly struck a chord with me in more ways than one. It means I came, I saw, I conquered in Latin. As I embark on my quarter life crisis (yes roll your eyes now- I get I'm still young) these words have become the motto I want to use to set the pace for my next 25 years. In recent months leading up to my big 25th birthday & golden birthday by the way many things have happened or I've had a new outlook on that has made me look at how I value my life & relationships differently. You're probably thinking huh?? Let me explain some take aways I've had thus far in my life & what I want to change going forward...

 I've Learned....

You have one life so live it to the fullest. Let's just be honest we've all done something at some point that maybe in the moment -- or morning after you cringed and thought what was I thinking?? I know I have, however as I hit 25 and closed the chapter on my single days I now don't regret that I drink I had that put me from tipsy to wasted, the nights I danced on the bar top & lived in the moment, the night I made out with some girls boyfriend and she confronted me in the bathroom (please he sought me out and he totally reminded me of Justin Bobby from The Hills), I called in "sick" to work because in all reality I was to hung over from the previous night I mean mornings festivities (don't judge my work ethic on a night of fun. Plus this was def in my early 20's and like you haven't done it...), you slept with someone who you thought their name was Mike but the next morning realize it was Steve, and the list could go on and on but my point is you live once & you must savor the moment. You never know when your life could change... 

It's about quality not quantity- I can remember when Facebook first became mainstream (yes I'm probably dating myself here but I was only a Sophomore in college) and it was about asking as many people as you thought were your friends or acquaintances with to be your "friend" but how many people of those 500+ people are you really friends with? Okay now I'll admit I don't audit my Facebook friends but I do audit my relationships I entertain in real life. I've learned it's not about how many friends you have but who you have & if they will truly be there for you thought the good times & bad. Also what value they bring to your life & what value you bring to theirs. In the last year I've done some major evaluating of my friendships and some people just had to go for one reason or another. Now all my friends in my life are people who I can truly say are my friends and will be there no matter what. 

  In life we've all wished we were someone else or wish we could be more like someone else or changed something we do to emulate someone else. At the end of the day I've learned that I want to be true to myself and I am who I am so take it or leave it. Now it's taken me years to get to this point because while I've always been very opinionated as a person I've always wanted everyone to like me and think positively about me. However I have come to the conclusion of who cares what others think I mean honestly. The people who know me and the true me know who I am and can appreciate that. I am the type of person is tells you like it is- it is very black & white with me- I'm a straight shooter. Now some people may find this abrasive but oh well it's a tough world out there so grow some thick skin. Over the past couple of years I have taken this 'say it like it is' mentality and not held back in certain scenarios and in some cases it escalated the scenarios or severed ties with people but at the end of the day the point was driven home. 
  For example, there was this girl who I wouldn't put in the friend bucket but I defiantly fell into her friend bucket. She was so much to handle- almost like a full-time job and she didn't get my schedule wasn't a Monday-Friday 8-5 I worked various hours and various days (no I'm not doing anything illegal I work in retail which at times the hours I work should be illegal). So long story short I couldn't handle the demands she was placing on this "friendship" and she didn't take no very well. Finally after many attempts I finally told her that she was, "on a crazy train headed down a one way road and I was getting off." Harsh? Maybe but rust me when I say I needed to be blunt as possible with her. 

Family is what you make it
  I've come to the conclusion that yes we all have family but at the end of the day you may not get along for one reason or another. In wake of getting married and learning this first hand- family doesn't always have your best interest or are accepting. So family is what you make it. My family right now consists of my husband, myself, our dog, & my mother. Couldn't be happier. 

I'm sure my list will grow as I get other light bulbs moments before my big b-day but I hope that you find these game changers I've had some food for thought for your own life. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mc Donald's is Super Sizing Itself!

Call me a news junkie, I read the newspaper (on my iPad) everyday as well as cruise the Internet for good articles when I came across an article about McDonald's. Now I normally don't blog about news pieces because they can be controversial topics and that is not my intention for this blog. However with my posting about Starbucks and there new drink size I got a lot of positive feedback around that so I thought this article could be a great follow up! 
   This time next summer the Olympics will be dominating our TV sets and will be hosted in London. Side Note: They are having quite the spotlight lately between the Royal Wedding, newspaper hacking scandal, and then the Olympics. So while London is preparing for the 9 million tickets to be sold and the mass amounts of people coming from all over the world other people are also gearing up for the big event. 

Anything significant going on there are certain sponsors that dominate the limelight and one of those sponsors is McDonald's. They have some super size plans for their mark in the Olympics. McDonald's plans to build a 2 story mega center that will span 32,290 square feet and host 1,500 seats!! They are expecting to serve 1.75 million meals during the Olympics which runs from July 27 - Aug 12. That is a heck of a lot of Big Macs and Fries! Maybe those people who buy those 1.75 million meals should participate in some physical activity afterwards because that is a heck of a lot of calories that is going to be consumed! Holy Cow! If you're a fast food junkie and plan on checking the Super Size place out after the Olympics you will come up empty handed because they plan on tearing down the place after its all over. 
I found a video that goes further into this story... 

McDonald's Super Size

       Hopefully after they leave McDonald's they don't go to Starbucks and get a Trenta iced beverage. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

iPad Gaget must have!

I think everyone needs to own an iPad 2 because it is quite possibly the best invention created this century thus far. Even Oprah said on her Behind the Scenes episode and she is in love with a thing even though being in love with a thing is so wrong. But this is the iPad people! 
I had wanted an iPad but didn't really jump on the iPad bandwagon until around Christmas time and at that point rumors were swirling of an iPad 2 so I decided to hold out for the 2nd one. So a week before the hubby & I were leaving for Vegas the iPad 2 was getting released. I had to work so the 5pm release time wasn't going to work with my schedule so what did that mean?? The hubby gets to have the pressure of getting me my prized possession. The pressure. Well he didn't disappoint well okay I originally wanted the white 32G but had to settle for the black 16G and honestly very happy with color & size. So now I felt like I would be that cool newlywed on the plane that has the fab ring and newest gadget..duh. So since that fateful day of having the iPad in my life it hasn't left my side. I love everything about it from all the apps to the convenience it serves. My life hates me for all the time I've wasted on it but that's okay. Plus with the iPad dominating 1% of all Internet traffic (which I fully contribute too) it is just amazing. One of my favorite apps is The Daily which is a newspaper you subscribe to for $1/wk or $36/year. Very interactive news source and neutral in delivering the news. What are your favorite apps? 
 A big thing with the iPad 2 was the smart cover which I was all over. I got the Orange one


However Chris told me about this awesome little gadget that she was loving. It is a little dock that props your iPad up and charges it at the same time!

 Love when a product double-dips. Plus the plug that you use to charge your iPad you plug into the dock so no need for all those extra cords (which is so annoying). The dock is perfect for when you Facetime. Which has now become my other obsession. It is such a great way to keep in touch with friends! 

Viva Las Vegas!

Vegas Baby! Well not quite yet... My hubby and I are going back to Vegas for my Golden Birthday (which is August 25th mark your calender!) Clearly I couldn't be more excited to head back to the desert. My husband & I were just there for the first time back in March to get married.. but not that cheesy little white chapel wedding but a beautiful mountain wedding. 

It was the best day of my life so far and I wouldn't have changed anything. Since we had so much fun in Vegas we needed another reason to go back so why not for my BIG birthday. I mean hello I have about to have a quarter life crisis here people. My hubby & I aren't big drinkers, gamblers, or clubbers so you think why Vegas? Because they have the best shows, attractions, weather, & food! We had the best time at the wax museum it was the cheapest thing we did and the funniest. Here is a little window of our wax museum adventure...
My Hubby with Mr. Playboy himself

Just chillin w/Snoop 

Oh Sorry Tiger, I thought you were checking me out like one of your mistresses

Me & Brit Brit
So if you ever go to Vegas I highly recommend going to the wax museum. This time around for our big Vegas Adventure we are going to one of my favorite restaurants Lavo and we are going back to see the Carrot Top comedy show. Let me explain this when we were in Vegas in March my husband really wanted to go see him and I'm not one for comedy skits because of two things, one: I'm not going to get the joke and I'll be the one person in the audience who isn't laughing and two: I'll get the joke 5 minutes then can't stop laughing and ultimately embarrass my husband. However he won this battle (because he won that one I won in going to see O by Cirque du Soeli -- AMAZING!!!) and I have to admit Carrot Top is hysterical and he does prop comedy so there was no way I couldn't get the jokes. So I promised the hubby that we would go back and see him. I just can't wait to lay at the pool and see where the next 25 years take me! Let the countdown begin to Vegas! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Super Size Me

Anyone who knows me really well knows that I am a Starbucks whore I mean it mind as well be noted in my blood type. So I normally drink my Venti no foam sugar free vanilla soy latte (not a killer on calories people!) but since it is July and about 100 degrees in Chicago I needed to switch to an iced beverage. I normally will do my hot drink but make it cold but there does get a point where it is so hot out that coffee just doesn't do it. So I thought I'll get a iced tea lemonade because that sounds so refreshing so I order the Black Tea Lemonade lightly sweetened and my Starbucks guy (who does know me by name) goes would you like to try it in the new trenta size. I was like woah! I had heard back in December that Starbucks was thinking about introducing a new size and certain markets were getting to test it out but there were some stipulations on this new size and what exactly you could order in that size. I had to at least try this new size once and see what all the hype was about. Yah it is super size for the Starbucks world and let me tell ya it is also a pass for having to pee much more frequently. I took a pic of my finished trenta cup. 

That's HUGE and also cost ya $4.20. I came across a very funny article about the new size click here that really puts this new size into perspective. And if that wasn't enough in that article here is a great photo of what this new size means and in comparsion to some other things... 

That diagram really puts it into perspective. Well as they say in Latin: Veni, Vidi, Vici which means I came, I saw, I conquered. And now I will no longer be drinking something that holds more fluid ounces than my stomach. 

Hell on Earth

I never knew one place could attract every bitter person in society into one job that would be the DMV. I came across this comic that I thought summed up the DMV very well.
    Funny no? I thought it was perfect. Anyways I had to go to the DMV because since getting married in March I had changed my last name officially on many documents with the exception of my drivers license, I was dreading this and I had heard horror stories of the social security office but that was easy breezy so I knew I was in for double trouble with the DMV. So since I was on my stay-cation and this was one of my To Do's while on my stay-cation I thought I have to do it today I just had too. Plus I am traveling in August (back to Vegas baby!! Woo-hoo!!) and I just saw doom looming with my airline ticket in my new last name and my drivers license in my maiden name. My worst fear would be that the TSA wouldn't let me fly and I would have to watch my plane take off as I was stuck in the terminal. Well I wasn't going to let that happen so I was just going to do it. So mid day on Friday on a hot summer day I haul my ass into the DMV. Now I think everyone else decided to go to the DMV at the same time as well. I had such anxiety of going because I thought gosh what if I forgot something then I'll have to come back but I was sure I had everything. I felt prepared I had my documents to change my name, my money (cash just in case they don't take plastic- phew! They stopped taking Visa so good thing I had cash), and everything organized in my Louis Speedy. I was set. However walking into the DMV I had this flashback to a book I read called Bitter is the New Black by Jennifer Lancaster (check out the book hilarious!) because Jennifer went into the unemployment office dressed to the 9's and suited in her new Prada handbag and the unemployment clerk was so rude to her and not helpful because Jennifer didn't look like she needed the unemployment. I thought this could happen to me! I mean I'm sure they were going to notice my bag and my rock on my hand and think they would give me a hard time. So I was shoved in line like cattle to wait to talk to some person to tell them why I was there. So while waiting in this narrow line with this woman behind me who wanted to stand so close to me I couldn't help but start people watching and looking around. The first thing my eyes land on is a sign, "Disorderly conduct or language will be asked to leave the premise". My first thought was mm nice- safe place I'm in then my second thought was gosh I wish I could get one of those for work for when I have disorderly customers and can't turn them around with my charm. So I'm finally hustled to the first check point to tell them why I am at the DMV. I decided early on that being very polite will get me the furthest. So I am issued a ticket and directed to sit down. I now felt like I was at the deli in the supermarket waiting for my number to be called and act like I just won the lotto. I didn't want to make direct eye-contact with anyone because then that would give them the approval to start awkward conversation with me. So I just pretend to look for something in my handbag but then that only takes up about a minute of my time. I did bring my iPad but then I don't want to attract one of those flash mobs that have been hitting the city. Okay maybe I am being dramatic but you know I'd rather be safe than sorry.  FINALLY my number was called to go speak to another unfriendly person but I thought I could kill this person with kindness. Nope wrong again- he wasn't even phased that I was smiling and being polite. They must take a class on how to be the most unpleasant human beings. Is that even possible?? Now I would think anyone who has a soul if someone is changing their name because they got married the person on the receiving end may say congrats. Nooo not at the DMV because that would be thoughtful. So I finally sign my new name about a million times in order to get a new drivers license and state ID and $25 later I am now in line to wait for my photo to be taken. Now I would like to put a disclaimer here. I did not have any make up on and I had my hair in a very high messy ponytail bun which you can't see in the photo and now just makes my hair look like I just woke up out of bed. I look like I just came out of the Sahara desert because I am tan and flushed so all in all this is the photo that I am now haunted with as a ugly reminder of my experience at the DMV.... 

I promise you that this is not what I look like. Here is a pic of what I truly look like... 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Latest Obsession

I have no idea how this latest obsession came about with Hello Kitty. I know it is very juvenile and also very Japanese- like I said no clue where this came from. However that damn cat is one money maker, I mean Paris Hilton is always flaunting her Hello Kitty stuff around and Kimora Lee Simmons has the exclusive rights to create all Hello Kitty jewelry. So I'm not completely off my rocker...yet anyways. When I went to Vegas I got this adorable Hello Kitty Swavorski crystal hoodie and then check out my latest find at Target!

Adorable right?? Plus it was only $12.99! I must be a little ahead of a trend because now all of a sudden everywhere I look there is Hello Kitty. Forever 21 has shirts, Vans even has Hello Kitty Shoes 
Don't worry I'm not going overboard here. Just a few things here and there. However I was looking at some Hello Kitty stuff online and came across people who make cookies that look like Hello Kitty. OMG I want these for my Birthday coming up next month. Last year it was all about the Sprinkle cupcakes which my hubby got for me (thank you doll loved them!) but this year it's about these cookies. Check them out... 

How cute?? So anyone who can make these please contact me because I want them! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bigger isn't always better

I have learned the Italian culture is BIG I mean everything is BIG- they have big families, they love big, and they fight big. 
I know this first hand because I married into a traditional Italian family. Now let me start by saying I come from the smallest family ever. My family at events consists of 5 or 6 if someone brings a spouse. I know we are busting out. Haha.
Now my husbands family and my now in-laws I can't even count how many there are. It's almost like a colony or a small country for godsake. It's so large that at Christmas they charge you to spend & celebrate it with the family. That detail is a whole different post because that doesn't sit well with me. I mean really? Is this a corporation we are running here?!? Actually the "Christmas party" is actually the single event that basically got me ousted from the family.
Sadly I have fallen into all the buckets of the BIG Italian culture: my husband has a big family, I'm a lover not a fighter (until you really piss me off then I get fiesty), and fight big and yes I've done that with his family. Now by fighting I mean by words not throwing punches because A. I've never been in a fight once in my life B. They just aren't worth ruining a great manicure .. Duh. And if you're thinking if I had my Teresa moment with flipping a table sadly no.
Now I'm sure you're probably thinking I'm having issues with his BIG family because simply it's quantity by numbers. Actually the number of them doesn't intimidate me or make me nervous one bit. I'm very capable of working a room and holding my own. I guess what bothers me is the family runs more like a dictatorship rather than a democracy and I'm a very liberal, open-minded, & opinionated person. I'm very much a say it like it is person & don't sugar coat things. Maybe this is a good trait to have maybe it isn't but it is who I am- take it or leave it. If the "leader" says something everyone becomes mindless & jumps on the bandwagon. Well anyone who knows me & knows me well knows that isn't how I work. I have a voice & no problem sharing my opinion.
So while I may have been made the black sheep of my in-laws I will wear that title with pride than be labeled a lemming. Here's to the lovely chapter in my life that includes in-laws.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Starbucks is the predictor of the unemployment

So I am on vacation this week well let me rephrase that a staycation. You need one of those every once in awhile & with the hot weather in Chicago how could I give up 7 days of tanning? Never! Haha. So my good friend Chris said I needed a project for my staycation which I came up with one: organize the guest bedroom. I need my mothers help with this especially with the closet portion & she's highly NOT motivated for this project. Ugh. I still have 7 days of vacation to get it done. So Chris & I had a lunch date planned and a pow wow at Starbucks to go over our blogs & just chit chat over coffee. We went to the Starbucks in Schaumburg located in the streets of Woodfield which is one of there higher traffic stores- they weren't kidding! Chris & I barely found a spot to sit ( mind you this @ 2:30 in the afternoon. Middle of the work day people!) and people everywhere. Now yes some had their laptops & Blackberry's and set up their "office" and others were just gathering. Chris & I both look at each other and are like um.. We are defiantly in the wrong field here. I mean who are these people?? I think ever since the recession hit that it actually has boosted Starbucks sales & significance in society. I have read several different articles also poking fun at the new 24/7 crowd at Starbucks because of the jobless market and I would have to tend to agree. I mean if I could have a gig where I could set up my "office" in my local Starbucks then SIGN ME UP!! however I'd like to think most patrons are unemployed and with that in mind I will stick with my job & just continue to get my daily coffee from Starbucks and that be it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Are you Sponge Worthy??

All of my close friends know that there are two things that I'm really particular about... That is my coffee & my nails. Yes in the BIG picture they are the a little frivolous & materialistic. Yes I have bigger issues but I choose to focus on these two pet peeves- I am not naive or have a mixed up priority list. So anyways back to my story... So I do have a rather complicated coffee order but it's taken me years to perfect it & now that $5 cup of coffee has become vital to my day. You know how Paris Hilton always has her chihuahua? For me minus the chihuahua & replace it with my Starbucks coffee. Addict? Maybe. If my order is not done to a tee I have no problem going back & insisting on them remake my order. I really try and be nice about it but I have gotten a little rude in the past & I'm not proud of that. My poor husband hates ordering my drink because of it's complexity. I can remember one of my husband & mines biggest & only big fights right when we started dating. In the heat of the argument I stormed out of the apartment & went to the closest Starbucks to gather my thoughts & settle my emotions. I didn't even take a sip of my coffee before I left & drove back to the apartment. So as I entered back into war zone and we started to hash it out again I needed a sip of my coffee. Well to my utter disbelief my order was screwed up & this now took precedent over whatever we were fighting about. Again this was in the very early stages in our relationship so when my now husband offered to go back to Starbucks to have them fix my drink & probably thought this would score him some major brownie points in the fight we were having & maybe this was his way of putting up the white flag in our fight. So of course I took him up on this offer because I wasn't about to go back. Well I think as soon as I recited my correct drink order he looked at me like I was speaking a different language. He did pull through in the end and get me my correct drink but I was still mad at him & made him sleep on the couch. While that didn't break us it did break one thing- he won't ever order my drink for me again.
Now my nails is my second biggest pet peeve- I like them done a certain way: short & square. Not very difficult. I have no problem telling the nail girl what to fix or repaint to meet my standard. I had found a place very close to my house & formed a relationship with this one nail tech. I ended up patronizing this business for 7 years. I mean recession depression whatever was happening out there I always budgeted to get my nails done every 2 weeks & toes every month. I trusted my nail girl so much that when I went to the salon I felt like I could actually relax & not micro manage the process. When my nail girl told me she was pregnant my first thought was shit how long is she taking for maternity leave & who will do my nails in the interim?!?! Then I thought wait this isn't about me and told her congratulations. Don't worry when she finally had her adorable little girl I gave a beautiful baby gift & ensured I was her last appt before maternity leave & her first when she got back. Years passed with her doing my nails marking key events in my life: college graduation, first dates, girls nights, when I got in engaged, and I had no doubt she would do a fabulous job for my big wedding day. Well one day in the middle of winter we got hit with a BIG snow storm that was going to shut down the suburbs & city. I was off work the day before the storm so I thought heck if I'm going to be stuck inside for a whole 24 hours with no access to the outside world I needed to be prepared. This meant a quick trip to Whole Foods & getting my nails done...duh. So I had the nail salon on speed dial and thought it would be no problem for me to just slip in for a quick appt before the storm but little did I know that I was about to be hit with my own storm. The owner answered and I addressed her by name and asked her if my nail girl could slip me in for a quick fill. She instructed me my nail girl no longer worked there. Excuse me?!? I was just there 2 weeks ago and she NOTHING to me about her non-existent future at that salon. I was utterly speechless- I then asked if the owner could possibly slip me in I mean I am still a good customer, she denied me it wasn't that she was booked she just didn't want to take me. I ended up going to another salon in town but I was just bewildered at what just transpired. While I was stuck in my phone for 24 hours because the storm took out the city of Chicago I thought ah-ha I can simply call the nail salon and ask the woman who worked next to my ex-nail girl and see if she could do my nails. Genius!! This worked for a couple of weeks- she did my nails twice and I was sure to be extra nice and tip extra well because I had to almost court her in order to secure her as my new nail girl. Well I must not have been a good courter because she dumped me. How does a chop-shop dump a customer whose been going to them for 7 years?! I was beside myself. I felt like Elaine on Seinfeld when they were discontinuing her sponge brand and she was being very selective on the men she slept with if they were sponge worthy or not. Was I not sponge worthy??? Why not?? I now felt like I was that person that was trying to get on the list. I was asking everyone if they knew of a good nail salon and had someone they trusted. Finally after countless hours & days I finally got a tip from a good friend on a nail salon and she even got me in to get on the owners client list. After sweating it out and having my heart broken I have now upgraded to a great new nail salon and finally all is good. My nails are short & square just they way I like them. I guess I was sponge worthy for this salon :)