Thursday, July 28, 2011


So anyone who follows Chris you will have seen she ordered this amazing necklace from Etsy which is a replica of a necklace Taylor from Rachel Zoe always wore. 
Adorable! I've always liked this necklace but thought it would be uber expensive so never sought it out. So one day when Chris & I met for coffee she showed me the Etsy website which I'm now obssessed with and that she found the sideways cross necklace. Well needless to say Chris couldn't wait another second and ordered it right then and there. I however waited and once she got hers I had to get mine! So I ordered it stat. Of course mine took longer to get because I swear they sent it from the moon but no worries it finally arrived! 

The cute note & box
How cute! 

How it was packaged

Necklace on- close up

Me wearing the fab new necklace- excuse the sports bra

I have been wearing the necklace everyday since I got it and have gotten nothing but compliments on it.

Loves it! 


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