Thursday, July 21, 2011

iPad Gaget must have!

I think everyone needs to own an iPad 2 because it is quite possibly the best invention created this century thus far. Even Oprah said on her Behind the Scenes episode and she is in love with a thing even though being in love with a thing is so wrong. But this is the iPad people! 
I had wanted an iPad but didn't really jump on the iPad bandwagon until around Christmas time and at that point rumors were swirling of an iPad 2 so I decided to hold out for the 2nd one. So a week before the hubby & I were leaving for Vegas the iPad 2 was getting released. I had to work so the 5pm release time wasn't going to work with my schedule so what did that mean?? The hubby gets to have the pressure of getting me my prized possession. The pressure. Well he didn't disappoint well okay I originally wanted the white 32G but had to settle for the black 16G and honestly very happy with color & size. So now I felt like I would be that cool newlywed on the plane that has the fab ring and newest gadget..duh. So since that fateful day of having the iPad in my life it hasn't left my side. I love everything about it from all the apps to the convenience it serves. My life hates me for all the time I've wasted on it but that's okay. Plus with the iPad dominating 1% of all Internet traffic (which I fully contribute too) it is just amazing. One of my favorite apps is The Daily which is a newspaper you subscribe to for $1/wk or $36/year. Very interactive news source and neutral in delivering the news. What are your favorite apps? 
 A big thing with the iPad 2 was the smart cover which I was all over. I got the Orange one


However Chris told me about this awesome little gadget that she was loving. It is a little dock that props your iPad up and charges it at the same time!

 Love when a product double-dips. Plus the plug that you use to charge your iPad you plug into the dock so no need for all those extra cords (which is so annoying). The dock is perfect for when you Facetime. Which has now become my other obsession. It is such a great way to keep in touch with friends! 

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  1. Oh thank goodness you finally got it. Now we can facetime without you fearing that your ipad will slide or tip over. Also, this facetime thing is great becasue we can multi-task... it's crucial we're able to see each other somewhat face to face AND also peruse though the internet. It's also funny when our husbands walk into the room unexpectedly. Good thing you had extra lip balm on, girlfriend!