Friday, July 15, 2011

Latest Obsession

I have no idea how this latest obsession came about with Hello Kitty. I know it is very juvenile and also very Japanese- like I said no clue where this came from. However that damn cat is one money maker, I mean Paris Hilton is always flaunting her Hello Kitty stuff around and Kimora Lee Simmons has the exclusive rights to create all Hello Kitty jewelry. So I'm not completely off my rocker...yet anyways. When I went to Vegas I got this adorable Hello Kitty Swavorski crystal hoodie and then check out my latest find at Target!

Adorable right?? Plus it was only $12.99! I must be a little ahead of a trend because now all of a sudden everywhere I look there is Hello Kitty. Forever 21 has shirts, Vans even has Hello Kitty Shoes 
Don't worry I'm not going overboard here. Just a few things here and there. However I was looking at some Hello Kitty stuff online and came across people who make cookies that look like Hello Kitty. OMG I want these for my Birthday coming up next month. Last year it was all about the Sprinkle cupcakes which my hubby got for me (thank you doll loved them!) but this year it's about these cookies. Check them out... 

How cute?? So anyone who can make these please contact me because I want them! 

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  1. I'm nervous for you, my friend... very nervous! Promise you won't wear any hello kitty on our days out together? Love.