Monday, July 30, 2012

Krav Maga

Good Morning Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a good start to their week, thankfully I was off Monday (nothing like being off on a Monday). So I was a little stumped on what to write about today but I decided to share a new fitness regiment I've decided to incorporate in my already jammed back fitness schedule. 
If you've been following my blog you may know I'm all things obsessed with working out. I currently do Crossfit 5 days a week, run, and bike, however I'm always open to new ways to work out. So I've heard a lot of great things about Krav Maga but there was never a place in my area that offered it. I had kind of forgotten about it until one day I walked into my Crossfit gym and saw a sign for Krav Maga and I was ecstatic, I guess the owners of a Krav Maga gym was renting out space of my Crossfit gym when we weren't using it. This was perfect! I had signed up ASAP to try a class out and then to my shock when I told my husband what I signed up for (he usually rolls his eyes anytime I tell him about another thing fitness I have taken under my belt) he told me he wanted to do it too! I thought hell might have frozen over, he usually leaves fitness to me. By no means is my husband out of shape or over weight, he is actually just the opposite he is probably under weight and very fit but naturally fit I hate him for that I mean I love you hunny! 
So if you're not sure what this whole Krav Maga is here a video I found on YouTube to give you an idea. 

Yes it's intense but it's something that could be used God forbid you find yourself in a dangerous situation and running isn't an option. 

So my husband and I have done two classes so far and WOW what an amazing work out! We both love it and let me tell ya it defiantly gets the aggression out! 

Oh and here is a photo of my injury from Crossfit today- we were doing box jumps at different heights, I was doing really well and I thought I could do a pretty high jump but I mis-judged and here is my wound to prove it: 

My poor legs. But just like a good Crossfitter I continued with my work out. 


Manni Monday

Sorry for this post being late I had a hectic and tiring last couple of days but I just couldn't pass up doing my Manni Monday. Once again I'm linking with Heather for

So since I'm doing the no chip manicures lately I went this week to get a new color put on. Oh the choices, I decided to do OPI- You don't know Jacques. Here is what the color in the bottle looks like: 

Here is what it looks like on my nails: 

What do you think?? 


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Social

Good Morning Sunday! I am still not use to writing on a Sunday and last week I had my Sunday Social post all ready to go and totally dropped the ball in posting it! I posted later in the evening as I realized it was sitting in my draft pile. So this week it will be up and posted in the morning. I am once again linking up with A Complete Waste of Make Up for 

Sunday Social

Here are this week's questions: 

1. What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a divorce lawyer. I know it sounds cruel but you always have a job- especially with our divorce rate 51% - and I'm a fabulous negator so I think I would do right by my client, not to mention I can fight dirty. 

2. If you had just won the lottery and didn't need to work for money, what would you do with your time?

Have a baby sooner, work-out more, and buy a new house and decorate it, and travel. 

3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Hmm... for the longest time I wanted to be an author and then I wanted to be a high school English teacher. I started going to college for that until I started to do my student teaching and realized this wasn't for me. I then I changed my major. 

4. What piece career advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field?

Don't have a sense of entitlement- realize you have to work your way up like everyone else. 

5. Biggest Pet Peeves either in life or in blogging or at work

Oh gosh, this is hard. I would have to say since I think I'm a very engaging person and really try to get to know someone it bothers me when they don't do the same and ask questions back to learn about you. 

6. Biggest Fears

Being murdered. This is defiantly a new fear because I'm obsessed with watching ID TV and I always watch these shows of people going missing or murdered. 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday Letters

Happy Friday!!! Gosh I am so glad this week is over it was one hell of a week at work and quite frankly I am ready for my next day off. So once again I am linking up with Ashley for


Dear Car: Ugh, I finally brought you into the repair shop. I always get nervous and cold sweats when I head into the repair shop because I always fear what they are going to find. So when my wind shield wipers weren't working I really had no idea what that meant. So when they told me it was just a part (which cost $275) + labor I thought it could have been a lot worse. Well that great attitude was compromised because the next day I got a phone call saying not only was it the part but also the wind shield wiper motor. Really?? Who does this happen too. Just me I guess. So now a $420 repair bill turns into a $1100 but that also includes a new battery. Ugh. You better give me a break now because I'm sick of putting money into you.

Dear Hubby:  I love how when our neighbors brought us a box of chocolates you spent more time deciding on what piece of chocolate you wanted than probably you spent on writing our wedding vows. I hope that chocolate was worth it. You always seem to crack me up. 

Dear Year End Bonus: I really wanted to put you in savings because that is the responsible thing to do but with my recent car repairs and my lust of getting a new laptop you hitting my savings account is getting less and less. No no I will do the right thing- Savings.

Dear MacBook Pro: Why do I feel the need to buy you? I really don't need you but seem to really want you. Let's talk about this- I have a Mac home computer and an iPad plus my old MacBook from college, which quite frankly still works and allows me to go online still and write my posts but doesn't have anymore memory left. Ugh Apple why do you do this to people?! Make us feel like we need some new product you come out with??

Have a great weekend everyone! Don't forget to check out my blog for Sunday Social. 


Sparkle & Dazzle

Hi Dolls! I hope everyone is having a great week so far, just think it's almost Friday! 
However before we can get all excited for the weekend it's time for our link up 

Current Crush Thursdays

I love anything that sparkles and when the trend of sequin tank tops came onto the
 scene it was love at first sight. I love that so many options are available from all sequin
 to fun sequin designs. Here are are few I'm lusting over. 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A picture NOT worth a 1,000 words

Happy Wednesday- gosh I can't believe it's middle of the week already. I know I keep saying this but really where does the time go?? 

So on my recent stay-cation a big TO DO was getting my husband & I passports. I had one but it has since expired and since I got it when I was younger than 16 and have gotten married I needed to re-apply for a new one and the hubby just needed to apply for one. I was suppose to do this on my last stay-cation in June but quite frankly the task at hand seemed so daunting I just pushed it to the wayside. However this time I was going to buckle down and fill out the paperwork and get it done! I sat down and got all my paperwork filled out- I seriously thought they might want a blood sample too with all the questions. The next task at hand was getting the hubs to sit down and actually do it, see I have done this to myself but I do everything for him, that's just my nature. I mean I always joke with him that if god forbid I die he would not know how to pay a bill because I do it all. But quite frankly that's the way I like it (plus I can go shopping without him having a heart attack- joking, kinda not really). So I finally got him to do his portion of the application but of course thank goodness I got an extra copy of the paperwork because leave it to him to make a mistake. I recorded a little bit of the conversation.

I like to take videos of our every day life because I feel like we are funny even though my husband tells me we I'm not - and okay I like to think we are on a reality show which is never going to happen but I can now at least share with all of you! 

So after all of our application was filled out we were on our way to get our photos taken! Now let me just say for some reason I have been cursed that anytime I need to take a photo weather it be for an ID or something official it comes out HORRIBLY! If you don't believe me here check this out. Yes see what picture I now have to live with until God knows when I can get a new Drivers License. On all my cards instead of signing them I put 'Please see ID' and let me tell ya I kick myself for it because every time I pull out my DL I see the look on the face of the cashier when they look at the picture and then quickly look at me. Yes I know it's a horrible picture! 

So we go to get our picture taken and I thought okay I can do this and it will be a good picture. I go first because I want to get it done and over with, so I sit on the chair I put on a great smile and I am ready for my close up- but then WHAT?! The man taking my picture says I can't smile, can't smile??? What do you mean?? This is one of my best qualities- he has to be joking me. No, no he isn't I guess it's some new very very stupid rule. So now I had to sit stone cold face at the camera. Who the hell is going to get a good picture out of this?? I took a couple of takes even though my husband only needed one take Jerk. So the final product?? 

DISCLAIMER: Please don't laugh at my picture - I am still cursed! 

Why does my husband look like a stud and I look like the old maid?!?! I am so embarrassed by the picture. 

Once again I swear I don't look like that- here is a more real picture:

I hope you at least got a good laugh on your Wednesday from this post. I can assure you one thing no one will be kidnapping me off my passport photo. haha.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blog Facelift

Good Afternoon! I am writing my post late today because I was really tired last night and quite frankly I really wanted to sleep in the morning even though at 6am a fierce storm rolled through that woke me up, but I was able to go back to sleep- thankfully.

So today I'm so excited to share my new header on my blog! Technically I installed it Thursday because I was to impatient to wait to install it. When I first started blogging this was a whole new world to me so I was more concerned in learning the lingo, etiquette, and quite frankly what would I all write about?? I was not so concerned with the design of my blog... yet anyways. Then as I found my groove in the writing piece I started to get more adventurous and play with templates and tweak settings. I was able to do somethings by myself with the help of other bloggers- for example: I wanted a cute signature and noticed a fellow blogger I follow Mrs. In Training had one- so I emailed her to ask her how she did it, she was so kind and and gave me step by step instructions on how to create my own. Thanks again Kelly! And this was the product of my hard labor:


I was happy with it. However when visiting other bloggers I always noticed that they had these adorable headers. I had googled on how to create my own and tried and tried but I just couldn't seem to master this task. Once again Mrs. In Training was to my rescue again because she had just recently done a face lift to her blog and used someone she highly recommend and was so kind to pass her information along to me. That's when I reached out to Shannon. She was amazing to say the least! She was so open to my ideas and mixing it with her own ideas and experience. After several emails back and forth and tweaks here and there it was a finished product!!!!! I couldn't be more happier with the finished product- I feel like it's exactly what I wanted and is perfect representation of myself and my blog. 

Check out the services she offers here and her prices here

Let her know that you are reaching out to her from my blog! I'm such a supporter of networking so I would love to help out another fellow blogger. 

Thanks again Kelly & Shannon!!! 


Monday, July 23, 2012

Manni Monday

Monday already?? Only one more day and then I have 
two days off, I have to say I am glad today is Monday because I am so ready 
for my two days off!! Because I've been so busy at work I haven't gotten a
 chance to get my nails done yet (eek!) but I do have an appt on Tuesday 
(thank god).

I orginally posted this post on July 10 but there was no link up that week 
and I wanted to share the big change I made in my nails with my link up
 buddies I decided to re-post. And to be honest I'm so tired from work I just 
don't have the energy to write a post-- I'm sorry! 

But back to more important things. . . it's 

I'm so excited to link up today because I feel like I have a lot to share 
and show. First off we have a WINNER for my Giveaway. 

It was Raquel from Dream out Loud, her favorite color was Bikini
 so Teenie. Hopefully she'll show us what it looks like on her nails once 
she receives it. 

Thank you to everyone who entered and trust me another giveaway
 coming soon! 
So anyone who has known me knows I have an obsession with my nails
 they have to be perfect and I have to have a good color on. I've written
 about my nails quite a bit in my blog such as here and have shown many
 photos of my nails. 

That's just to show a few. I've had fake nails on for the last 6 1/2 years! 
I didn't get them because I had poor nails to begin with, honestly I had
 great nails. I just hated getting a manicure and before I got home it was 
chipping. So it was actually cheaper for me to get fake nails. I was in such 
a habit that I never thought to take them off. Even after the no-chip came ou
I was still very content with my solution. However on Wednesday night I all of 
a sudden had this empathny and just couldn't stand having my nails on
 anymore. I literally wanted to rip them off, they start to feel foreign to me. 
Plus it was getting to be so stressful finding time to go to my certain nail guy
 to get my nails done. Something that's suppose to be a luxury was starting to
 stress me out. So on Thursday I was off to do the unthinkable I was getting 
them taken off for GOOD. None of my friends could believe it. So off I 
went to have them soaked off and here was the result: 
Not bad! No bumps or ridges they were as smooth as could be. Weak yes
 but also expected. So then I was off to get my first no-chip manicure. I was
 so excited! While the color selection isn't as big as regular polish and I own
 so many colors from Essie I was a little sad I would have to part with them but
 at least I could use them on my toes. So after I selected my color (I went with
 the brand Gelish and the color is Pink Princess) I got my first no-chip manicure
 and let me tell ya it was GREAT! As soon as they were done they were as dry
 as a bone and I could do whatever I wanted. Here is the final product: 

What do you think? Do you do no-chip? Do you have a favorite color
 I should try next? 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Social

Hello Sunday! This is my one of my first times blogging on a Sunday but I have been seeing some fellow bloggers of mine do a weekly link up on Sunday's and it intrigued me to give it a try. So here I am linking up with:

Sunday Social

So here are this weeks questions:

Favorite handbag you've ever owned
Dream handbag you lust over
Daily essentials in your work bag or handbag
What's in your handbag (with pictures)

So let's dive in!

Favorite handbag you've ever owned? Well I do feel since I work for a designer I have a little bias opinion but because I love my job and the company I work for I would say I love all my Coach bags but I'm actually loving this one at the moment:

Is it a traditional handbag? No but I am all things obsessed with crossbodies and this fits everything for my daily on the go lifestyle. 

Dream handbag you lust over? Please is this even a question?!? A Birkin please! 

I'd take any color but since it is such an investment I would probably go with the black one. 

Daily essentials in your work bag or handbag- Clearly my wallet, cosmetic bag, my iPad or Kindle (depending on what book I'm reading) my Life Planner, and a wristlet. 

What's in your handbag (with pictures)

Well I hope you've enjoyed! I look forward to linking up again next week!