Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Storm of the Century

Hello Tuesday! How is everyone today?? I am enjoying about my stay-cation and soaking up my days filled with lunches with friends, spending time with my mum, and of course most important working out 24/seven. Last week I was disconnected (not by choice) because we had lost power for 5 days it however felt like a lifetime, by day 4 I really thought I may never get power again because it seemed like it was such a mess with trees fallen on power lines and it was just a hot mess needless to say. So I decided to show you really how bad of a storm we had. I was able to take some pics. 

On Sunday I had a work meeting and I had about a 2 hour window before I actually had to start work. So I decided to go home and relax a bit before I started work, it was a sunny day that was going to be another scorching day. I go home write an amazeballs post for my Manni Monday, get ready for work, and I am ready to leave when I look out the window and to the West it looks like night is approaching because the sky was so dark. I told my husband he better stay home bound in case the power goes out he will need to get the generator set up. I decide to leave for work and try and stay ahead of the storm, as I make it to the highway this is what I see as I look back: 


I put the pedal to the metal and raced to work to beat this nasty storm. As soon as I go to work I called the hubby and he said it was so bad at the house and the power was out. He said it literally sounded like a tornado was outside. Of course I am freaking but there is nothing I can do. So when I come home this is what I come home too:

Luckily everyone was okay, our house did not get any major damage and no windows were broken. However our beautiful gazebo did not beat the storm, it was tossed around like a sack of potatoes needless to say I was picking up the pieces and it made its way to the curb :(

Now the real work began because we had to clean up all the broken down trees so we all helped each other out and for the next 3 days we all banded together and got to work. Team hard labor up with 100 + degree weather was just plain EXHAUSTING. By Day 4 of no power or air my husband and & I were getting so irritable because we were down right miserable. Our poor dogs were also dying a slow death from the heat. On Thursday which was 103 degrees and 115 with humidity this is what my lovely thermostat read: 

Can you imagine what the temp was at noon inside our house? Hotter than hell. Then on Thursday evening as I was laying on the basement floor trying to cool off I heard the most luxurious sound ever the sound of our power coming on. It was like heaven's gates opened!!! 



  1. Oh my gosh....thank god for power and air conditioning!


    1. It was nice after not having it for 5 days in 100+ weather. I had a new appreciation for it! haha

  2. I can't believe you had no power for a week... horrible! Glad power is back on and you're plugged back in to life.

  3. OMG, I'd been hearing all about this on the news but it looks so terrible and realistic reading about what you had to go through in that heat without power. I hope everything is okay now and I can't imagine how tough those 5 days must have been