Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blog Facelift

Good Afternoon! I am writing my post late today because I was really tired last night and quite frankly I really wanted to sleep in the morning even though at 6am a fierce storm rolled through that woke me up, but I was able to go back to sleep- thankfully.

So today I'm so excited to share my new header on my blog! Technically I installed it Thursday because I was to impatient to wait to install it. When I first started blogging this was a whole new world to me so I was more concerned in learning the lingo, etiquette, and quite frankly what would I all write about?? I was not so concerned with the design of my blog... yet anyways. Then as I found my groove in the writing piece I started to get more adventurous and play with templates and tweak settings. I was able to do somethings by myself with the help of other bloggers- for example: I wanted a cute signature and noticed a fellow blogger I follow Mrs. In Training had one- so I emailed her to ask her how she did it, she was so kind and and gave me step by step instructions on how to create my own. Thanks again Kelly! And this was the product of my hard labor:


I was happy with it. However when visiting other bloggers I always noticed that they had these adorable headers. I had googled on how to create my own and tried and tried but I just couldn't seem to master this task. Once again Mrs. In Training was to my rescue again because she had just recently done a face lift to her blog and used someone she highly recommend and was so kind to pass her information along to me. That's when I reached out to Shannon. She was amazing to say the least! She was so open to my ideas and mixing it with her own ideas and experience. After several emails back and forth and tweaks here and there it was a finished product!!!!! I couldn't be more happier with the finished product- I feel like it's exactly what I wanted and is perfect representation of myself and my blog. 

Check out the services she offers here and her prices here

Let her know that you are reaching out to her from my blog! I'm such a supporter of networking so I would love to help out another fellow blogger. 

Thanks again Kelly & Shannon!!! 



  1. Thanks for the sweetest shout out! SO happy that you're happy with it!

  2. Very cool!!! And even cooler that you made it yourself (with some help of course)!