Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So I use to do a post every Wednesday called Work Out Wednesday, and while I really enjoyed writing it because working out is one of my passions I felt like I needed to change it up. So stay tuned because I am coming up with a weekly Wednesday post that will consist of a link up. 

So until I get my link up post up and running I am just going to post about current things going on in my life or thoughts. 

Something that has been on my mind lately is Karma. I know it's kind of random and something that honestly I was never 100% bought into. I mean yeah I heard stories of how other people had Karma effect their life but quite honestly I never experienced it first hand. I have always been raised though that you treat people the way you want to be treated, and I think because that was always instilled in my up bringing I always treated people with respect therefore I was for the most part given respect from others. However recently I was given a first hand look at how Karma really does work. 

Here's a quote I found that I really felt summarized my recent run in so to speak, 

So just like the old saying goes, ' Do unto others as you would them do unto you' because if you do evil - evil will come your way. I'm never one who wishes ill-will on anyone but again Karma seems to work in it's own way and will make full circle. 

Funny how life works and sometimes I just take a moment and think, "How did I get here?" 



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    1. Thank you! Thanks for the compliment. I just checked out your blog and I adore. I am always looking for some inspirtation to spice up my wardrobe. became a follower

  2. Again with the karma... is this still the same thing? When we having that coffee date?

    1. Yes this is the same thing- haha.