Monday, July 30, 2012

Krav Maga

Good Morning Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a good start to their week, thankfully I was off Monday (nothing like being off on a Monday). So I was a little stumped on what to write about today but I decided to share a new fitness regiment I've decided to incorporate in my already jammed back fitness schedule. 
If you've been following my blog you may know I'm all things obsessed with working out. I currently do Crossfit 5 days a week, run, and bike, however I'm always open to new ways to work out. So I've heard a lot of great things about Krav Maga but there was never a place in my area that offered it. I had kind of forgotten about it until one day I walked into my Crossfit gym and saw a sign for Krav Maga and I was ecstatic, I guess the owners of a Krav Maga gym was renting out space of my Crossfit gym when we weren't using it. This was perfect! I had signed up ASAP to try a class out and then to my shock when I told my husband what I signed up for (he usually rolls his eyes anytime I tell him about another thing fitness I have taken under my belt) he told me he wanted to do it too! I thought hell might have frozen over, he usually leaves fitness to me. By no means is my husband out of shape or over weight, he is actually just the opposite he is probably under weight and very fit but naturally fit I hate him for that I mean I love you hunny! 
So if you're not sure what this whole Krav Maga is here a video I found on YouTube to give you an idea. 

Yes it's intense but it's something that could be used God forbid you find yourself in a dangerous situation and running isn't an option. 

So my husband and I have done two classes so far and WOW what an amazing work out! We both love it and let me tell ya it defiantly gets the aggression out! 

Oh and here is a photo of my injury from Crossfit today- we were doing box jumps at different heights, I was doing really well and I thought I could do a pretty high jump but I mis-judged and here is my wound to prove it: 

My poor legs. But just like a good Crossfitter I continued with my work out. 



  1. You are one tough cookie! There is a Krav Maga studio by my place and it is always packed. It must be a great workout. Hope your leg is okay:)

  2. I've never heard of that but it looks like a great workout, and useful!!

  3. Ouch - that looks like it hurt! One of my friends does Crossfit and she loves it!

  4. dude, I LOVE Krav Maga!! I took several classes a few years back with my hubby and we got the best workout and close combat fighting skills ever. If the classes were less expensive and closer to our home, we would still be taking them today. So glad you like them! Ouchies on your box jump fail! I am terrified of misjudging box jumps, so I stick to lower boxes :) Hope it heals soon!