Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A picture NOT worth a 1,000 words

Happy Wednesday- gosh I can't believe it's middle of the week already. I know I keep saying this but really where does the time go?? 

So on my recent stay-cation a big TO DO was getting my husband & I passports. I had one but it has since expired and since I got it when I was younger than 16 and have gotten married I needed to re-apply for a new one and the hubby just needed to apply for one. I was suppose to do this on my last stay-cation in June but quite frankly the task at hand seemed so daunting I just pushed it to the wayside. However this time I was going to buckle down and fill out the paperwork and get it done! I sat down and got all my paperwork filled out- I seriously thought they might want a blood sample too with all the questions. The next task at hand was getting the hubs to sit down and actually do it, see I have done this to myself but I do everything for him, that's just my nature. I mean I always joke with him that if god forbid I die he would not know how to pay a bill because I do it all. But quite frankly that's the way I like it (plus I can go shopping without him having a heart attack- joking, kinda not really). So I finally got him to do his portion of the application but of course thank goodness I got an extra copy of the paperwork because leave it to him to make a mistake. I recorded a little bit of the conversation.

I like to take videos of our every day life because I feel like we are funny even though my husband tells me we I'm not - and okay I like to think we are on a reality show which is never going to happen but I can now at least share with all of you! 

So after all of our application was filled out we were on our way to get our photos taken! Now let me just say for some reason I have been cursed that anytime I need to take a photo weather it be for an ID or something official it comes out HORRIBLY! If you don't believe me here check this out. Yes see what picture I now have to live with until God knows when I can get a new Drivers License. On all my cards instead of signing them I put 'Please see ID' and let me tell ya I kick myself for it because every time I pull out my DL I see the look on the face of the cashier when they look at the picture and then quickly look at me. Yes I know it's a horrible picture! 

So we go to get our picture taken and I thought okay I can do this and it will be a good picture. I go first because I want to get it done and over with, so I sit on the chair I put on a great smile and I am ready for my close up- but then WHAT?! The man taking my picture says I can't smile, can't smile??? What do you mean?? This is one of my best qualities- he has to be joking me. No, no he isn't I guess it's some new very very stupid rule. So now I had to sit stone cold face at the camera. Who the hell is going to get a good picture out of this?? I took a couple of takes even though my husband only needed one take Jerk. So the final product?? 

DISCLAIMER: Please don't laugh at my picture - I am still cursed! 

Why does my husband look like a stud and I look like the old maid?!?! I am so embarrassed by the picture. 

Once again I swear I don't look like that- here is a more real picture:

I hope you at least got a good laugh on your Wednesday from this post. I can assure you one thing no one will be kidnapping me off my passport photo. haha.



  1. haha awww man don't you hate that? did you ever see the I Love Lucy where Lucy had her pic retaken so many times she almost didnt get her passport? haha thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm dying over that picture. Why do you look so miserable?