Thursday, July 21, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

Vegas Baby! Well not quite yet... My hubby and I are going back to Vegas for my Golden Birthday (which is August 25th mark your calender!) Clearly I couldn't be more excited to head back to the desert. My husband & I were just there for the first time back in March to get married.. but not that cheesy little white chapel wedding but a beautiful mountain wedding. 

It was the best day of my life so far and I wouldn't have changed anything. Since we had so much fun in Vegas we needed another reason to go back so why not for my BIG birthday. I mean hello I have about to have a quarter life crisis here people. My hubby & I aren't big drinkers, gamblers, or clubbers so you think why Vegas? Because they have the best shows, attractions, weather, & food! We had the best time at the wax museum it was the cheapest thing we did and the funniest. Here is a little window of our wax museum adventure...
My Hubby with Mr. Playboy himself

Just chillin w/Snoop 

Oh Sorry Tiger, I thought you were checking me out like one of your mistresses

Me & Brit Brit
So if you ever go to Vegas I highly recommend going to the wax museum. This time around for our big Vegas Adventure we are going to one of my favorite restaurants Lavo and we are going back to see the Carrot Top comedy show. Let me explain this when we were in Vegas in March my husband really wanted to go see him and I'm not one for comedy skits because of two things, one: I'm not going to get the joke and I'll be the one person in the audience who isn't laughing and two: I'll get the joke 5 minutes then can't stop laughing and ultimately embarrass my husband. However he won this battle (because he won that one I won in going to see O by Cirque du Soeli -- AMAZING!!!) and I have to admit Carrot Top is hysterical and he does prop comedy so there was no way I couldn't get the jokes. So I promised the hubby that we would go back and see him. I just can't wait to lay at the pool and see where the next 25 years take me! Let the countdown begin to Vegas! 

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  1. 25... I can't believe how much younger you are than I am. I'm trying to figure out if you're mature or if I'm immature, because how is it possible we are two peas from the same pod?

    Oh wait... you don't really think of me as being THAT old. (Insert my "OH NO She Di'int face here)