Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bigger isn't always better

I have learned the Italian culture is BIG I mean everything is BIG- they have big families, they love big, and they fight big. 
I know this first hand because I married into a traditional Italian family. Now let me start by saying I come from the smallest family ever. My family at events consists of 5 or 6 if someone brings a spouse. I know we are busting out. Haha.
Now my husbands family and my now in-laws I can't even count how many there are. It's almost like a colony or a small country for godsake. It's so large that at Christmas they charge you to spend & celebrate it with the family. That detail is a whole different post because that doesn't sit well with me. I mean really? Is this a corporation we are running here?!? Actually the "Christmas party" is actually the single event that basically got me ousted from the family.
Sadly I have fallen into all the buckets of the BIG Italian culture: my husband has a big family, I'm a lover not a fighter (until you really piss me off then I get fiesty), and fight big and yes I've done that with his family. Now by fighting I mean by words not throwing punches because A. I've never been in a fight once in my life B. They just aren't worth ruining a great manicure .. Duh. And if you're thinking if I had my Teresa moment with flipping a table sadly no.
Now I'm sure you're probably thinking I'm having issues with his BIG family because simply it's quantity by numbers. Actually the number of them doesn't intimidate me or make me nervous one bit. I'm very capable of working a room and holding my own. I guess what bothers me is the family runs more like a dictatorship rather than a democracy and I'm a very liberal, open-minded, & opinionated person. I'm very much a say it like it is person & don't sugar coat things. Maybe this is a good trait to have maybe it isn't but it is who I am- take it or leave it. If the "leader" says something everyone becomes mindless & jumps on the bandwagon. Well anyone who knows me & knows me well knows that isn't how I work. I have a voice & no problem sharing my opinion.
So while I may have been made the black sheep of my in-laws I will wear that title with pride than be labeled a lemming. Here's to the lovely chapter in my life that includes in-laws.

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