Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obsession Continues

One of my obsessions that just hasn't subsided yet is my Essie nail polish love and since Fall is approaching they have released a new collection! Their new collection called Carry On is a great selection of khaki's, pinks, and plumb. Of course I had to go check out this collection in person- I went to my nearest Ulta and they were almost sold out! I was able to snag Glamour Purse which online looks much more taupe but in person it is more almond which I love even more. I couldn't leave with just one nail polish so I decided to see what else they had. I had always commented on my friends Chris nail polish color called East Hampton and they had it so I decided to pick that up too. I thought even though it's after Labor Day I would try and get away with this soft opal white. I have to say I've gotten nothing but compliments on this color! From customers to co-workers. 
Here is a picture of both colors, to the right is Glamour Purse and to the left is East Hampton

However even though my one store was nearly sold out of the new Essie collection I am still on the hunt for the color Lady Like. 

This should be a great fall season for nail polish colors! What are your favorite colors for the Fall season?? 


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