Thursday, October 6, 2011

You say Work-out I say Lifestyle...or maybe Obsession

I have always considered myself as in shape and having a good outlook on working out and going to the gym. While I have never run a marathon or anything -- which maybe someday I would but I just don't find running the most enjoyable thing even though I do it almost daily-- I enjoy going to the gym and doing weights and classes and what not. I belong to a health club that offers classes and would attend my regular weight classes, spinning classes, bosu classes, etc. and have no problem spending 5 or 6 hours in the gym. You have to understand in Chicago in the winter there is NOTHING to do- I don't have a child to take care of, I work in a mall so the last place I want to be on my day off is a mall, I become a hermit in the winter so I don't leave my house unless I need to and the gym is classified under a need. So a couple of months ago I had gotten an offer on LivingSocial for a fitness thing called Crossfit and it was right near me and looked interesting and a little scary so I thought you know what I am always up to a challenge when it comes to fitness so what's $35 bucks- that's my weekly budget at Starbucks (yes we have already stated I'm an addict there). So I checked out the website and this is what I was greeted with....

YIKES!!! I like a challenge but this might put me 6 feet under! I decided to set aside my fears and just try at least once class I mean one class won't kill me- okay it may kill me but at least I would have died trying....right?? Well I am proud to say that I did go to the one class and I've been addicted ever since! And I have always thought I was strong but this method has truly shown me how strong I really am- it's pretty strong I must say. Trust me you get pushed to the point of tears or vomiting- none of which I've done.....yet..... but I am truly addicted to this method of working out. I have worked out muscles that I never knew existed. In the last two months I have seen my body transform and get much much more tone and muscle gain but in a feminine way. And since joining I've heard more chatter about it in the celebrity world... Cameron Diaz is a huge fan of Crossfit and trust me if I can rock a body like her I'll do as many WOD's as possible to gain that body! And let's be honest I'd really love to do a race like this one day....
So let the games begin! 

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