Monday, October 10, 2011

A family that cooks together stays together

 So the hubby and I actually had a weekend where our schedules synced and we could actually spend time together- this is kinda a big deal because I work weekends (with the exception of my one weekend off a month) and he works Monday-Friday but normally I am working a funky schedule on the weekend we don't really see each other. However that wasn't the case this weekend! So on Saturday I got home earlier than I had expected so since it has been so incredibly nice here in Chicago and I won't complain at all because it's been the perfect weather to still work out outside in-- sorry I'm getting off topic. So the hubby and I walked our dog together on a nice long walk- now earlier in the day I had left my husband with the task of putting together plans for the evening. For some men this is a piece of cake for my husband it's like pulling teeth- so I was quite curious as to see what he came up with. So he had said he made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants which I was excited about but we got there regularly so it wasn't anything out of the norm with the exception he called this time to make reservations- it's usually always me. But at the last minute he suggested we cook out since it was so nice out. I loved this idea because nothing beats the taste of something cooked on the grill! So we hiked over to the local grocery store to get all the goodies we needed and a little more. First thing was getting the meat- now let me start off by saying I've never bought meat before- usually my mother does because she use to work in the grocery business so she always took care of the meat purchase. I was quite overwhelmed at the choices! I didn't know the different between fillet Mignon, ribeye, strip, etc. The poor woman behind the counter probably wanted to shoot me so I just got so flustered I just pointed to what I thought looked good. So with that now out of the way we then headed over to decide on what sides we wanted- I got corn and the hubby got some potatoes- we then decided to be a little adventurous and get some wine and cocktails- we never drink might I add. So I had heard on Bethenny Frankel's facebook she was coming out with another addition to her Skinny Girl cocktails but it would be a couple of weeks, well to my amazement it already hit shelves! So I had to try her new flavor- Cosmo White Cranberry and then get my favorite White Sangria. The hubby got his selections and then $130 dollars later we were ready to get our grill on correction my husband was ready to get his grill on and I would do the sides. 
  Once we got home I stood helplessly in front of the spices before I haphazardly chose some spices to put on my steak- I didn't do to bad. Check out that beauty! 


 Then some liquid courage to help me whip up some yummy sides to go with our steak...


Then while we were at the grocery store they had those sample people and of course I usually have to stop especially if they have something sweet. Well this one lady had the best snack ever!

Buy 1 box of Nilla wafers or any wafer of your choice then...

It's called Mascarpone cheese- I know you're thinking cheese on a vanilla wafer gross! No way! It is a light sweet cheese and paired with a vanilla wafer it is heaven! It is the perfect amount of sweetness.

So the hubby grilled our steaks to perfection and I whipped up our sides and let me tell ya dinner was delicious! I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take a picture of the final product! Ha!
The hubby & I enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. 

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  1. Darn... I would have wanted to see what those steaks looked like... you know I love a good food picture! I'm going to try your Skinny Girl Sangria... my reviews to follow!