Friday, October 14, 2011

Costume Dilemma

I've never been a big Halloween person- even growing up I never got into dressing up even though I did it and I did have some good costumes when I was little. One year I was a clown, Dick Tracy (I had this crazy obsession with Dick Tracy), Cat Woman, and a Cave Woman (I would like to note that I didn't want to be a cave woman but my mother bribed me to be that and in turn she bought me the newest Crayola kit so I considered that a good wager). But since my Cave Woman days I never really dressed up because it always seemed like a hassle to me. Plus I never felt confident enough to wear a sexy playboy bunny outfit or didn't want to put on all that gross make up to look like a zombie. This year I thought maybe my husband and I can dress up because we've never dressed up before. Plus our friends band always plays on Halloween and you're suppose to dress up. So on our way to our friends house I thought I would throw out some ideas. My first idea was Kim Kardashian and my hubs could be Kris Humphrey's. Okay so maybe my husband isn't as tall or doesn't look like Frankenstein but we could improvise here. He quickly dismissed that idea. So then I thought what about JWOW & Rodger- I mean come on I love fitness so does JWOW and I have dark hair plus I could throw in my extensions so this could work- maybe I don't have big boobs as her but nothing a little water balloons can't help. Again the hubby wasn't digging the idea- I mean come on I'm running out of ideas! His suggestion Snooki- my reply, "Um.. no I'm not short or fat like her." His reply, "Yea but you're not tall and skinny like JWOW either." I was speechless! I get his intention wasn't to be mean even though I was very taken aback I knew he didn't mean for it to come out as it did. So at the end of it we are still left without a costume idea. Hm.... I still have a couple of weeks to think about it. 

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  1. I don't remember really dressing up as a kid, except for when in 6th grade I was a french maid... and when you're an early bloomer in 6th grade dressed as a french maid boys look at your boobs. I've been traumatized ever since.