Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Grinch

I know that Christmas is suppose to be a joyous time of year and to spend time with family & loved ones but I have to be honest these last couple of years I just haven't been much in the Christmas spirit. Now you can attribute this to a couple of things:

- I work retail- but not just retail but retail as in one of the busiest malls in the country with insane holiday hours
- I don't have a child of my own yet
- I have a small family
- I don't get along with my in-laws

But even aside from those factors I can honestly only remember one Christmas where my mum went balls to the walls and decorated the entire house and played Christmas music while doing it- the whole house felt magical. The following year she didn't even put up a tree because she told me it's just about the gifts. Don't worry I was already of an age where I knew Santa wasn't real. You may think my mum is a bad person for doing this and I promise you she is not- she just never really got into decorating the whole house aside from that one year. Now a days I'm lucky if she puts up some Garland around the banisters and that is usually done moments before Christmas Day. And let's be honest if my husband can barely buy me a gift ya think he is going to decorate the house? No way! I mean even the gay people who live kitty corner from us go all out but I guess they do for every holiday. First time homeowners. 

Then there is the subject of the in-laws and how they have tainted my view on the holidays. I will say it is nice working retail because during the holiday when most families and in-laws get together I have the legit excuse of "I'm working...Sorry (not really)." However let me share a little story with you about my now in-laws and how they like to celebrate their holiday together. 
  At the time my husband and I were dating but we were serious I mean everyone pretty much knew that it would turn into marriage. My husband's family is straight up Italian so weather you're a cousin, niece, or whatever you were all like brothers and sisters. Now I had belonged to a book club that some of my husband's female cousins put together but after a couple of sessions and ruffling of the feathers (I like to speak my mind) I was kicked out of the book club (I don't know who at the age of 23 gets kicked out of something) so I was already on shaky grounds with the family. So right after Thanksgiving I get an e-mail from the "Christmas Committee" (that's correct you read that right they have a committee- I didn't know this was High School and we were in the Student Council) stating what food was going to be served at Christmas, the timeline, dress code, and the cost...yes I did say cost. Now I understand I come from a small family and we cook for holidays because it is just 6 of us however I have dated other men in my life who have come from larger families and never I repeat never had they had to pay to spend time with their family on Christmas. Needless to say I was speechless and mind you it wasn't like it was $25 bucks here I am talking for my husband, myself, and his son it would have cost us $165 to go to one of his family members house to spend time with them- mind you I don't even really like these people and wouldn't choose to spend my free time with them now to have to pay. Of course the girl who likes to speak her mind did so and let's just say it didn't go well and that is why I am in the spot I am today with his family. Because while they like to talk behind others back I just go straight to the source. Let me tell ya I don't think you would want to get into with me - that is what I have been told anyway. I still think that being a Divorce Lawyer is calling my name. So as a result of the Christmas Committee debacle I now refer to his family as communists and his one cousin as the dictator. I prefer a Democracy personally so maybe that's why I don't get along with his family? 

So that could be one reason why I don't have the Christmas spirit- or maybe it's just that people are so rude during the holidays and of course they come into where I work and want the most popular item the day before Christmas and guess what Shocker it's sold out. Now people Christmas is the same day every year it's not like it changes or is one of the holidays like Sweetest Day where maybe you celebrate it maybe you don't. Pretty much everyone celebrates Christmas in some fashion every year- so plan ahead! 

Maybe...just maybe this will be the year that I find that Christmas spirit and go all out. We shall wait and see. 

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