Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stay-cation Day #3

So another productive day on my stay-cation! I don't have any exciting pictures today but I started the day off by going to Crossfit. This time I was able to drag one of my friends with me- now I was a little nervous to work out with a friend because 1. I get very competitive and 2. I get self-conscious working out with others. However Crossfit is hard and I have been doing it enough so I felt pretty confident but my friend he is really fit and in his job is always using his strength so I thought I was up for some tough competition. So we did the work out and I was kicking but then we had to do 6 rounds of bear crawls and 10 reps of push ups with weighted rows. So the real competition was on and the time counted down....5..4..3..2..1..GO!!! I was off! Okay I kind of suck at bear crawls but I would much rather do them over burpees. So a few minutes go by and one girl already yells TIME! Shit I have to get going- plus I have to be my friend. So about another minute went by and I was one full round ahead of my friend - the only thing that was between me and yelling TIME was 10 push ups with weighted rows- I was down to 5,4,3,2,1 TIME!!!! I finished 2nd!!! And beat my friend. Take that! I was so proud of myself. Now I will use this as leverage until well as long as I can to be honest. Him & I are very competitive when it comes to working out and always challenge each other to a quick competition. On New Year's before we all went out we all went swimming and now mind you I had my make up done and eye lashes done I was looking FABULOUS! Well he had challenged me to a quick lap race and I couldn't turn down a challenge. Needless to say I lost that challenge and ruined my make up and eyelashes but all worth it. So I had to redeem myself and this was my chance and I WON!! 

After a amazing work out I ran some errands and had a lovely dinner with my husband. On the agenda for tomorrow: 
Getting my car looked at (ugh I always get anxiety about this)
Nails done
Rent a new movie
Go to the Bank

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