Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stay-cation Day #4

OMG! Okay so as you all probably know I'm really active so I normally don't hurt after a work out but holy Jesus & Mary my legs hurt so bad from those damn stairs I did on Monday. My friend who has done them said her legs did hurt the next day but mine are killing me two days after. I seriously feel like I'm 90 years old. I woke up this morning and went to go pee and as I stepped out of bed to go walk to the bathroom I fell, like literally fell to the floor because my legs cramped up. Thank god I didn't pee on myself like a 90 year old. So I slowly and yes I mean slowly goPreviewt up and made my way with my hands guiding me on the walls to the bathroom and sitting on the toilet was another joke. I had to balance myself- one hand was pressed against the wall and the other hand on the counter, then slowly and very slowly I had to lower myself onto the toilet. Now that this task was done I now had to get off the toilet- this was just as hard as getting onto the toilet. Phew! I did it. I decided that today would be a rest day from the gym- yes I said it a REST day- I normally don't take these from the gym I'm always doing something active. Plus it was gloomy out and I had a movie I rented that would be perfect to watch on a morning like this. Now my husband has his PS3 in the bedroom (it is neatly tucked away so you can't see it- thank god) but it has the BlueRay player and normally I have my hubby to set up my movies because it looks all to complicated with the controller and what buttons do what functions. I just like hitting play and that's it. However my hubby was at work so if I wanted to watch my movie in the comfort of my bed I was going to have to figure it out on my own. So I grabbed all the remotes and was ready to figure this out and after a couple of attempts I did it! One of my To-Do's while on Stay-cation was to get caught up on all the movies that I've been wanting to see but haven't. And to support me in this when my hubby & I were at Blockbuster on Saturday they had promotion going on for there unlimited movie rental for a month- normally it's $15 a month but the promo was for $7.50 a month so I jumped on it. So far I've watched Bad Teacher (pretty good but a little long) and now I was about to watch Scream 4. I know I know like really Scream 4- but I grew up with this movie and I had to finish off the saga I mean this was part of my youth. I had all my blankets around me a bowl of honey nut cheerios and I was set. Okay so the movie kind of sucked and was predictable but if you've seen all the rest you just like have to see the final one. 
  I had to take my car in because I've been hearing this noise and I thought it may be my breaks so before winter sets in I thought I should be proactive and get it taken care of. I think most people get anxiety when they have to take their car in because it's like you never know what news they are going to bring you. Really going to the car repair place you mind as well as hand them over all your cash then your debit card and then your credit card because you never say 'I got an amazing deal at the car repair place today'. Plus I was nervous because here is a girl walking into a car repair place and quite honestly they could say you need this that and the other and I would probably comply. So as the guy was test driving my car and I was waiting in the waiting room just thinking okay so how much is this going to cost me? He came back with the best news ever! Nothing was wrong with my car- he felt it was something to do with my tires. I could deal with that because I had to get my tires rotated anyways and I still had a warranty on them. Off to get my nails done! They were in desperate need of a fill but I feel like I'm stuck in a rut with colors. So I went back to my signature color Topless & Barefoot. Although when I got home I saw that Essie came out with a new collection- so you know where I will be stopping tomorrow- Utla to go check it out! However I have to vent a little because I go to this new nail salon that I've been giving my business to for the last 4 months and I go every week either for my nails or toes so I give them good business. So my regular nail girl was being a little testy today- I had asked her to make my one nail more square and she got short with me. I'm thinking excuse me but I'm the one paying for the service so shouldn't you be a little more willing to do what I ask. My response to her was ' I'll just fix it when I go home.' 
  I then went to Blockbuster and got my third movie to watch. No Strings Attached. I'll let you know how it is! 

P.S. In case you were wondering my legs are finally starting to feel better- thank goodness because I need to hit the gym hard tomorrow. 

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