Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flea Market part deux

So if you remember my last post about flea markets I defiantly had my nose up in the air about them but then after I realized you could truly find some hidden gems I slowly took my nose out of the air. So over the weekend it was fabulous weather here in Chicago- here are some photos of truly how fabulous the day was ...

Driving down one of the side streets- I love my town in the fall because of all the trees and leaves changing colors

The Lake in our town- truly a picture perfect moment

 So I just couldn't let this day slip by so I packed up the hubby and I was off to go enjoy this day. What were we going to do you ask... well I wasn't exactly sure yet. First things first we were starving so we hit a local restaurant that we eat at pretty often. I normally get a chicken sandwich but today I was feeling like I wanted to change it up. So I got a pulled pork sandwich and let me tell ya it was YUMMY! I couldn't finish it all because it was so much. 

We had a few errands to run which we did and then we had heard there was a flea market near us so I thought why not go check it out. We got our ticket and started our search for whatever jumped out at us. Of course my husband found something right away- a beanie and then some hot wheels car- it was the same model as his first car. I guess he is trying to relive some of his youth...I hope this isn't an onset of a mid-life crisis. Haha. 
So as we were walking around a couple things caught my eye...

 We all know how I love sweets- although I resisted because I was still full from lunch. Plus I got my fix by the smell alone. We then went into one booth and you know those hats that are popular right now with animal heads?
Arizona Knit <em>Hat</em>, <em>Animal</em> Fleece Lined

Well this one vendor had one where the ears came down and you could put your hand in the ears and it was like mittens. I couldn't resist and had to try it on. This was the result...

How cute?! I didn't buy it because I mean really I would never wear it- but it was a good laugh. Then we came across this...super creepy I thought. 

Just looking at the picture gives me goosebumps! 
We then wandered where there was more food and I came across this booth who was selling worms in dirt- do you remember eating this as a kid? I sure do. 

I didn't want to leave empty handed but I just didn't find anything that jumped out at me. Then as I was looking at the booths in a basket I saw these cute headbands that were knitted and had a little flower on them. I immediately thought of Whitney Port from The City when she wore one similar in an episode and I had been obsessed since. 

Check out my version! 

Cute right?!?! They were asking $9 and I tried to get her down to at least $6 but she wouldn't budge so I ended up buying it for $6. But similar ones go for as much as $25. So all in all I consider I got a deal! 
I have to say it was a great way to spend my Saturday. 


  1. What a fun way to spend your last Saturday of stay-cation.

  2. I see you had some fun,but I have to say- please more posts with food and drink. LOL

    Worms in a dirt? It looks like some kind of chocolate cream with candy over it.

  3. Thanks!! I'll try & post more food posts. Problem is I don't cook. Literally. Worms in dirt is crushed up Oreos & chocolate pudding. YUM!!