Friday, November 25, 2011

City Life

Chicago has been so fortunate with an Indian summer- I cannot believe how nice it has been, almost makes me think we may not get a winter (I'm keeping my fingers crossed we don't). I was off on a Saturday (rare very rare that this happens) and it was unbelievably fabulous out we decided to go down to the city. We had my step-son that weekend so we thought it was a perfect family outing. Now I don't get to the city that much and I know I'm going to sound like a typical suburbanite when I say this but I just hate driving down there and sometimes taking the train just is such a hassle so I hate to say it but I don't take advantage of the city as much as I should. 

So we got all packed up checked the train schedule and started our day in the city. We had no plan or agenda just saw where the day was going to take us...

After we arrived in the city we started to head towards the lake and walk along Michigan Ave. Yes I know very touristy but we thought why not check out the stores and maybe get some good ideas for Christmas. 
Along the way we stopped and looked a the famous window display of Macy's for Christmas. I have to say Marshall Field's was much better. While the window displays weren't that whimsical and magical as I remember the outside looked nice. 

We then just started walking down to Millennium Park. Here are a couple of photos along the way...

We then finally arrived at Millennium Park. Great photo ops there! 

After we looked around and spent some time in the park we headed down Michigan Ave. 

  I had told my husband there was no way I came all the way down to the city without getting some Sprinkle Cupcakes. They are TO DIE for!! So my lovely husband lead the way all the way up to the North Shore so I could fulfill my desire for some Sprinkle cupcakes. 

We walked out with 7 mouth watering cupcakes (red velvet is my personal fav) and carried them all the way home to enjoy as a treat. 

All and all I couldn't have asked for a better day off. Got to spend time with my family and enjoy the beautiful city I live in. 

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