Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joy for All

The other day the Nordstrom catalog arrived! Just in time to get me thinking about what I wanted to put on my Christmas list. I always have a hard time putting things on my Christmas list because I fall in love with something and then a couple weeks go by and I'm over it or I just fall so in love with something I just go out and buy it right away, plus it doesn't help that I work in the mall and it can fuel the addiction. However in the last few months I have been seen on Housewives of New Jersey & Housewives of Atlanta these great crystal necklaces & bracelets. 

As soon as I saw them I had to get my hands on them or something similar. I came across these...

I liked but didn't love. I had put the search of these on the back burner but then to my surprise when I got the Nordstrom catalog ...

These are them!!!!! They are a perfect replica of what I saw on Housewives
 Then flipping through the catalog I saw some other things that jumped out at me... 

Please we all know my slight obsession with everything working out so this page was my dream

OMG! Glitter, sparkle and Sperry's - do I need to say more?? 
Then they had a sample of this fragrance and it smelled fabulous

So I couldn't wait until Christmas Day to see if my hubby got me the necklace & bracelets so I went out and bought them but don't worry I had every intention of wrapping them and putting them under the tree to wait until Christmas morning and act surprised. So check them out... 

Don't mind the weird face

Gorg right? However when I opened the box that they arrived in I was highly disappointed because each bracelet was already missing several crystals and same with the necklace. And they weren't cheap mind you. So I called the closest store to me to see if they had anymore and I could just exchange and they came back with disappointing news that the two they had in stock were also missing crystals. So all that excitement I had for these pieces and already planning outfits around them I made the executive decision to return them because I don't want to deal with missing crystals. So now I have room for 3 more things on my Christmas list. What now?? 

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  1. Too bad they were missing the crystals! Super cute and something you could wear to work that is dress code appropriate.