Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The dreaded service light in your car

For most of us a vehicle is vital to our daily lives and we truly couldn't live without one- unless maybe you live in a big city or you're Amish. I don't live in a major city -- just a suburb of one nor am I Amish. However whenever a light goes on in my car or I hear a noise I instantly get anxiety and think oh gosh now I have to bring it into the service dept. and then I think dollar signs. I have a VW Jetta and it's my second brand new one and I love it and have had nothing but good luck with it. However I noticed when driving it sometimes when it switched to different gears because I was going faster it would start to rev up. So my husband drove it and noticed it too and said I should take it in. I tried to pawn it off on him to take in for me but our schedules weren't working to where he could take it in for me. So I was stuck with the anxiety ridden task of sitting in the service dept. and think of how much money I would be spending in this sitting. I do have an extended warranty but never used it so I must have called them at least 5 times trying to get a full grasp on how it works and any loop holes they would try and pull because we all know the car business and there is always a loop hole somewhere. 
  So I brought in my car and of course they ask all these questions and I seriously started sweating because one wrong answer and you were doomed. So of course just to hook it up to some machine would cost $125 and that may not even show something if there are no lights on in the vehicle so it was a 50/50 shot if I paid the $125 if something would come up. So the guy was nice enough to say he was going to have one of the guys drive it around. So I went to go sit and wait.... of course I'm thinking of every worse case scenario that they could find wrong and as I am doing this I just start sweating more. The people around me probably thought I had some disorder or something. So I decided to calm my nerves I would just look at some of the new cars.. this is a bad idea because when I had my first Jetta in for service I looked around the showroom and instead of taking my old car home I bought a new one. I was highly contemplating doing this again depending on how much my repair would cost. After I looked at all the new vehicles I decided to sit back in the waiting room rather a death sentence. Thankfully I was prepared and I had my iPad with me. After about an hour they finally called my name and I thought this is it I should just sign over my savings account and checking account because who knows what they found. To my pleasant surprise they did find something but... it was covered under some warranty! What did that mean? It would cost me NOTHING. I can't even tell you how relived I was. So I left my car there so they could complete the repair that would only take 6 hours. Now my car drives like a dream.  

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