Friday, December 16, 2011


Sorry I've been MIA I've come down with the worst stomach flu anyone can imagine. I have this fear of throwing up (although I'm not sure anyone who actually enjoys it) I mean truly a fear- I cry every time, it's very odd. So two days later and I'm still not able to keep anything in me. On the bright side any holiday pounds I may have put on I'm sure I've lost. However I can't wait to feel better and most of all get back to work! I'm a workaholic and staying at home in bed is killing- a slow death.

However before I got sick I was honored with some amazing news. A blogger friend of mine Sweet & Sassy told me about this website bloggers where you can connect and network with other bloggers. It is a great way to start following other bloggers and just network. I had signed up and played around on it but didn't devote a ton of time to it- I did however follow a few more blogs from it. Well one day I woke up and was checking my e-mail when I had gotten an e-mail from the Editors of Bloggers stating I was selected to be one of their blogs of the day! I was ecstatic! I mean I had started this blog as something fun and for me to share my thoughts and my life experiences never thinking it would be this huge hit. I took every new follower as a sign that people enjoyed what I had to say. But I started it to see how many followers I could get but rather a form of therapy and if you liked what you read then join me on my journey. 
 So this is what the homepage looked like . . .

Mine is the one in the middle! 

How cool huh??? Being recognized was such an honor and fuels me to only blog more! Thank you and I hope you continue to read and follow.

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