Monday, December 12, 2011


So as many of you may know at this point who have been following (thank you to those who have!) know that I work in retail and for those who are new to my blog yes I work in retail. As you can imagine this is the craziest time and I truly mean craziest time of you. People loose their minds during the holidays. But the kicker is where I work we don't have sales so it's not like they are looking for this great bargain it what it is. Anyways I am coming off a 6 day work week which really translates into an obscene amount of hours for any human being but I still maintained my 5 day work out schedule so sorry for the not so consistent posting. 
  However yesterday I got off at a decent hour and the mall I work at has no soul therefore they should just be open 24 hours because it's getting pretty close to that. Anyways I decided to get some Christmas shopping done. While my list is short because well I only need to buy for my husband and my mother because we all know how I feel about my in-laws I decided to get a few little "extras" for the hubby and maybe pick up something for myself. I got his stuff first (can't say in case he reads this) and then I had a $15 off $50 purchase at Sephora. There had been a couple things I had been eyeing there and I was running out of one of my favorite NARS lipstick. So I stopped in. Now I really don't need any make up because I have so much but you know what a little refresh didn't hurt anybody. So I grabbed my favorite lipstick and then was looking around. I had spotted this really pretty palette by Charlotte Ronson (I don't think any relation to the Ronson family aka Lindsey Lohon's x-gf). 

All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palette - Henrietta

I thought this was so pretty and the perfect size. Although to my disappointment so did many other customers because they were all sold out. I at least had a really nice sales associate who looked up and down for me to see if they had any left in store. So I asked her to show me something similar to these colors. She then brought me to Urban Decay's Naked set, this is a highly anticipated set that comes out every year and usually sells out ASAP. I had one bad experience with Urban Decay eye shadow and ever since then shied away from them but these colors were fabulous! There wasn't one color I wouldn't use- that is rare when you are buying such a big set. 
Naked Palette
I decided I'm going to give Urban Decay another try plus with Sephora's amazing return policy I thought it was a win win scenario. I'll report back on how I like it. I plan on using it tomorrow for work. 

Do you have any favorite make up that you can't live with out? Or one that you tried and fell in love with?? 


  1. I love mac and NYC makeup a lot . Visiting you via

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  2. I;ve never tried them I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the info