Wednesday, December 14, 2011

That time of year again...

Gosh that time has come again the annual Communist I mean my in-laws Christmas get together. Now I'd like to first start off by saying I thought hell froze over because I actually received an e-mail to the event most of the time they just e-mail my husband because well they just don't like dealing with me and quite honestly I don't really like dealing with them. Well none the less an effort was made so I thought I'd take the time and read the e-mail and to my astonishment a BIG change was taking place this year. Could all of my bitching finally struck a chord with these heartless people? Nah. The big change was they actually weren't charging the family to spend time with each other, gosh what a concept. I told my husband someone must have won the lotto and is feeling generous to not be charging to spend time with family. He got a good chuckle at my snarky ways. So as continued to read the e-mail and it gave all the stipulations and times the next thing I did was checked my schedule because maybe I could use work as an excuse for my attendance but as history repeats itself I would be available to go. Ugh I dreaded this already. The only thing we were responsible for bringing was a white elephant gift and something to eat weather it be a appetizer or a fun dessert or a festive drink. I thought I could manage that should be easy enough but I closed the e-mail and decided to discuss with the hubby later about weather or not we were even going. Of course within minutes of the e-mail going out to his entire family now my phone was going crazy with e-mails of what everyone was bringing and what not. So I let a day or two pass and I brought up the subject to my husband on weather or not he wanted to go. Because if he wanted to go I would stand by his side and go with him plus I wouldn't let him go to war alone please not with these people and plus if someone is going to talk bad about me say it to my face not my husbands. To my surprise my husband was very casual about the whole thing and said he didn't really care if we went or didn't. Inside I'm screaming YES! I don't have to go!! Haha!! But I maintained a good poker face. I told him marinate over it and let's touch base in a few days. 
  So a few days past and as it turned out his son wouldn't be able to attend the party because his mother was throwing him a birthday party that weekend. Again another card in my favor for us to gracefully decline the invite to the party but then my husband did the unthinkable he committed us! What?!? Where was our touch base? We are team in this fight. I really couldn't be mad at him though because let's be honest it is his family and well it is the holidays. So I didn't officially RSVP to the mass e-mail because I'm secretly hoping something will come up at the last minute to where we can back out but as of right now my husband has verbally committed us to his father (who by the way is on the committee). I cannot even begin to tell you how much I am dreading walking into these pack of wolves. I told my husband you better have a stiff drink waiting for me when I get home from work because I'll need it before we head over to this joyous party.  
  I do although have a fabulous outfit already that I'm very excited about. I will keep you posted on any latest developments. 

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