Monday, November 28, 2011

Run Forest Run part 2

So as many of you may know I love working out and a few months ago I had gotten a pair of fabulous new running shoes. While they defiantly fit my need for running and doing lots of cardio I have recently joined another gym which practices Crossfit and my new running shoes just weren't doing the trick for me. Plus I noticed a lot of people were wearing those toe shoes (which I'm sorry I just can't buy into) but there was this other shoe that other people were wearing called the New Balance Minimus. Now there are three different types of the shoe and after I did some research and lets just be honest I saw all the color choices for all three types of shoes I decided on the Trail version. I was so excited to get them because I thought now instead of not wearing shoes I'll be able to wear these and I'm sure they will help my performance some. So I went to the New Balance store and I picked up my new shoes! Check them out! 

I have to say I swear by these shoes. They are extremely comfy and they are perfect if you're lifting weights or doing low cardio. You truly feel like you're barefoot but it adds just the perfect amount of support. This will def be a shoe that I will keep in my collection. 

Happy Working out! 

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