Friday, August 19, 2011

Run Forest Run!

I mentioned in my previous post that I had some extra bonus money and I didn't know what I wanted to exactly spend it on even though I had some ideas. One of those ideas was new running shoes because the ones I got in January are already shot. So I headed off to my favorite shoe store called fleet feet - they are incredibly knowledgeable and very engaging with you while you're in the store. My first thought when I went in there was 'oh man I'm probably going to spend a fortune on shoes from here' but to my amazement I actually spent less yes I said less than I did at Foot Locker. From that moment on Fleet Feet became my go to store for gym shoes. So as I ventured in there today after my crazy hard Crossfit class I was excited to try some new kicks. Now I am the type of person that the first thing I look at is the colors that are offered and designers- yes superficial I know I know. They even have a sign in the store that states: Pick your shoe on feel not color. Hmm... they must have read my mind. So after I told the sales man what I was looking for her brought me out three choices and after trying them all on and doing a test run with each pair I finally decided on these....

Now these aren't your typical Adidas- they are extra comfort and perfect for running and doing lots of cross training which I am doing right now. I wore them for the first time at my first work out and they were heaven!! Plus the inserts that I bougt provide my already flat feet with additional support. So here is to some amazing run times and great cross training!

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