Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wedding of the Year!

It's the BIG day for Ms. Kim Kardashian or I should say Mrs. Humphries now. The long awaited wedding which was dubbed our Prince & Kate Wedding has finally taken place today in a private estate in Montecito, CA. We all know my little obsession with Kim so I am all over this wedding naturally. The newest cover of Life & Style is all about Kim and the wedding. 

And please let's not forget the crazy engagement ring she got from Kris 

I'm dying to to see the newest People magazine which has the exclusive photos of the wedding and we have to wait long until October until her Wedding Special 2 part airs on E!

Kim has said herself she is a hopeless romantic so let's hope that the wedding & marriage is everything & more than she could have wanted.

Congrats Kim & Kris!

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  1. Not to sound like such a negative nelly, but are you also looking forward to the People issue that tells the story of their sad divorce? I'm a believer of marriage, however I'm very doubtful of hollywood marriages... has there been anyone in hollywood who hasn't had a divorce?

    All that aside, I'm dying to see the dress and the pictures. Let's be real... I may not believe in hollywood marriages, but I love a good wedding!