Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tragedy Strikes Houswives

We all know I am a reality show addict and I am sad to report today that the Real Housewives have endured their first true tragedy. TMZ first broke the story that Russell Armstrong committed suicide on Monday evening by hanging himself in a house he was staying at with a friend on Mullhond Drive. Which Mullhond Dr already has a bad rap and now this just adds to it. According TMZ Bravo is still shooting the season that premiers on Sept. 5th and Bravo has cancelled shooting for Wednesday and is holding a meeting on the situation. When my BFF Chris broke the news to me at work about this BREAKING news I got to thinking, 'Gosh did the fame of the show and spotlight to much for him and was the breaking point? Not to mention a failing marriage, mounting legal trouble and money problems?' It's sad really. Then my mind jumped to Taylor and thought gosh she was a walking stick here I really hope she doesn't wither away to nothing with all this stress and emotion. My heart goes out to her and her daughter Kennedy.

RIP Russell Armstrong- Thank you for letting us in your lives for at least one season and you didn't have to end your life this way.

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  1. I mean he hung himself! It's so intense and I feel horrible for his kids! I mean some people think this is scripted... No way!